Paige: Color Matching

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Meet Paige Mycoskie -- owner of Aviator Nation in LA -- and get advice on how to best mix and match colors to achieve the best looks.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Paige and I'm the owner of Aviator Nation. I'm gonna tell you the best way to put color together. People come in the store all the time and they're like, you know, what's the best way, like you know should I get the full sweatsuit that matches and I really like it when people mix and match. Red looks great with the heather grey. It looks great with the purple. It looks great with the blue. Pretty much everything else you know. It's all about mixing and matching and not looking like you are really trying to put together an outfit. I really tell people, don't be afraid of the gold. I personally think the gold is a staple. It looks great with everything. It looks great with the blue hoodie, it looks great with this, it looks great with that, even the tank top I'm wearing. Gives the outfit a little bit of a pop. Obviously the denim looks great with everything. So this is a staple. This is a great way to go. You want to grab a pair of shorts that will go with everything. So in general I think that color matching can sometimes be a bad thing. I really think it's almost better to have a couple different shades of the same color and almost in a way where you clash, I personally think that looks really cute and vintage. Same thing with this. You know, you've got a teal, teal kinda, heathery hoodie, but then you wear these bright teal shorts and, you know, it's in the same family, so I think it really works. [MUSIC].
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