Our Best Beauty Secrets: Tips & Tricks to Mastering Sleek Hair

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You know that moment when you discover a really awesome, ripped-from-the-runway hairstyle is actually way easier to create than it looks? Well, this is one of those moments. After a quick lesson in Teasing 101 (courtesy of this video), you’ll learn just how the pros whip up a sleek, voluminous style – without using a single hair pin! Watch first then get in front of a mirror with a bottle of strong-hold spray (like Dove Hair Therapy Strength & Shine Extra Hold, $4/7oz., target.com, or David Evangelista HD Hold Hairspray Duo, $7, hsn.com) and a brush to try it out on yourself. Warning: This might be one of those insanely cool Insta-selfie moments, too.

Want to try out the trick for yourself? Watch the video above for all the tips on how to get smooth hair!

—Angelique Serrano


Hi, my name is Angelique Sorano, beauty director at In Style Magazine, and today we're going to reveal a backstage beauty trick that pros use to give your hair a sleek look, no pins required. [MUSIC] Start by taking about an inch-wide section of hair at the top of your head. Just above your forehead and section it off. Then take the back half of that piece. Tease it at the roots. Mist it with some hairspray and brush it likely back, smoothing it over the back of your head with a brush. Now do the same with the front section. Pick it up and just tease it at the roots. Mist it with hairspray, and brush it lightly back over the back of the head [MUSIC] The finish, mist your brush, or even your hand with some hair spray and smooth down the sides of the head. Now you have got a sleek look with just the perfect amount of volume [NOISE]
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