Our Best Beauty Secrets: Make Your Skin Glow With Vaseline

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How do models pop up looking perfectly dewy and fresh-faced on the runways – coming off of no sleep and back-to-back shows? They get a little help from bargain drugstore products, like good old Vaseline. That’s right, that slippery salve can give you a glow so youthful and radiant even J.Lo would be jelly. We see pros often reach for it for really fresh, almost wet-looking sheen. For tips on how you can pull of the look, take a peek at the video to see exactly where you should slather it on.

—Angelique Serrano


[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Angelique Serrano, beauty director at In Style magazine. And today we're going to show you a backstage beauty trick to give your skin an instant glow. There are a few key products that In Style editors always seem to spot backstage at fashion shows and Vaseline is one of them. Now there are lots of ways you can use it. But we see pros often reach for it to give skin a really fresh, almost wet looking sheen. You can dab it over areas of your face where you want to reflect some light. Think spots like the upper planes of your cheeks, and the cupid's bow. That's the little spot under your nose, and above your upper lip. Just be careful not to go overboard. Avoid your T-zone so you don't end up looking greasy. [MUSIC]
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