Our Best Beauty Secrets: Make a Customized Lipstick Palette With Pill Cases


Makeup artists are called many names: pros, painters, geniuses, saviors – but mixologists? Yep, go ahead and add that moniker to the list. To create the sexy, supple pouts you see on runway models, artists often dip their brushes into two, three, or even four shades of lipstick to whip up custom hues on the spot. It’s a cinch to do, if you have the right tool.

One of our favorite makeup artist tricks is using a pill case to hold dozens of lipsticks and create a customizable lipstick palette. Check out this video to see how palette pros pack on set—then score one for yourself at a store like Muji (or visit muji.us for locations). Now pucker up!

—Angelique Serrano


[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Angelique Serrano, beauty director at In Style Magazine, and today we are going to show you one of the coolest tools that makeup artists use back stage, to hold their favorite shades of lipstick. One of our favorite makeup artist tricks. Is using a pill case to hold dozens of lipsticks. And create a customizable lipstick palette. [MUSIC] Just use a small butter knife or a spatula to slice off a lipstick bullet. [MUSIC] Allow one bullet per compartment. You might want to keep a wet wipe handy, to clean off your knife in between slicing each bullet. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Once filled, the case allows you to carry multiple colors, so you can easily whip up a signature shade right on the spot. [MUSIC]
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