Our Best Beauty Secrets: Learn the Trick to Get Bold Eyebrows

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Not so fast, put down those tweezers! This season full, heavy brows were ubiquitous on the runways. Rather than investing in a brow powder, reach into your makeup for a neutral shadow that's the same color as your hair. Using short, feathery strokes, apply the eye shadow with a small brush to fill out any sparse areas, using your natural arch as a guide. Keep the overall balance of your facial proportions in mind when filling out your brows. A full fringe looks best on people with medium to heavy features. If you are on the petite and delicate side, a heavy brow could overpower your face.

Want to recreate the look? Watch the video above for all the tips.

—Kahlana Barfield


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Kahlana Barfield, beauty director at In Style magazine. Big, full brows are always in, so today we're gonna show you an easy way to get the look at home. [MUSIC] Using a disposable mascara wand, brush brows upward to see what areas need to be filled in. [MUSIC]. Choose an eye shadow shade that's one shade lighter than the color of your hair. Using an angle brush, brush the shadow along the lower edge of your brow to define the shape. [MUSIC]. Fill in color along the lines to reinforce the shape. Do the same on the other side. [MUSIC] For a natural finish, use the brush to diffuse the color. [MUSIC] And to clean up any imperfections, blend on concealer. [MUSIC]
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