Our Best Beauty Secrets: How to Get Brighter, Whiter Eyes

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When your local barista can’t pry your eyes open with a dozen espresso shots, you’ll need to dig into your makeup bag for a solution. We're talking about eyeliner - but in a very unique shade. With a few quick strokes you can turn the whites of your eyes from hazy to brilliant bright. Take a look at this quickie video to arm yourself with the perfect tool to target your blood–shot stare. (It’ll cost you as much as a mochachino, but the results will last a whole lot longer.)

—Angelique Serrano


Hi. I'm Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director at In Style magazine, and today, we're going to show you a backstage beauty trick that pros use to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. [MUSIC] What you'll need is a beige or tope eyeliner. Gently pull down your lower lashline and glide the liner across the water line. That's your lower inner rim. [MUSIC] Now just check out the difference it makes. It's a subtle trick pros use to make the whites of your eyes appear even brighter. You can do this after you apply your regular eyeliner or use the trick all on its own.
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