Our Best Beauty Secrets: How to Get a Natural Flush


Give your brushes a rest. The secret to a fresh-faced, impossibly dewy glow lies in your lipstick. Yes, seriously. So before you load up on the glittery powders, reach into your makeup bag for a rosy lip cream (avoid matte sticks or the finish will be dull). Dab it on and blend it into your cheeks, as we demonstrate in this video. One look at your radiant smile and you’ll see why makeup artists whip out the big bullets backstage.

—Angelique Serrano


[NOISE] Hi, my name is Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director at InStyle magazine. And today we're going to show you how to score a natural looking flush without using blush. [NOISE] The key here is to use lipstick instead of powder blush. What you want to do is apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer to your face first. Then dab a rosy shade of lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks. Use your fingers to blend it into the face. Pros are always telling us backstage that the best tools they have are their hands, and in this case the warmth of your fingers actually help blend and melt the creamy lipstick into your foundation and create a totally natural looking flush [MUSIC]
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