Our Best Beauty Secrets: How to Contour Your Legs


So you’ve missed a few Boot Camp classes and your legs are looking less than toned. Don’t bypass those dressy shorts just yet. All you need are two things to get your gams in sexy shape. First, grab a bronzing gel or liquid that imparts instant color (try Caudalie’s Divine Legs, $38; us.caudalie.com); next pick out a liquid highlighter or luminizing fluid (many brands make similar versions, but one we like is NYX Cosmetics Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, $8; nyxcosmetics.com.) Then arm yourself with the quick contouring tips in this video and you’ll be stepping pretty in no time. Trust us: The immediate, shapely results will have you running straight toward your highest pair of heels.

—Angelique Serrano


Hi, I'm Angeles Serrano, beauty director at InStyle Magazine and I'm here with make up artist Joanna Simkin and today we're going to reveal a backstage beauty trick to elongate and contour your legs. [MUSIC] The first product you'll need is a temporary bronzing gel. Place about a quarter size amount in your hands, and then rub it directly onto your leg. Try picking a gel that's about one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Once you work the gel completely into your leg. Let it dry for about a minute. The next product you'll need is an illuminators, or a liquid highlighter. Apply the illuminator directly onto the center of your leg. Rub that in, concentrating the product over the shin. Once you're finished, you'll see how the brighter highlighted area will catch the light and help create a more contoured appearance. [MUSIC]
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