Our Best Beauty Secrets: Create a Perfectly Polished Pony


If your ponytail has become as much of a gym essential as your yoga pants and beats-filled iPod, you need to take a look at this video right now. (Really. Right this minute.) In it, we show you how to take your tail from basic and boring, to chic and sophisticated, so you can rock the style in the office, or even wear it for a fun night out. All you need are a few bobby pins, a thin elastic, medium-hold hairspray (like L’Oreal Paris Elnett, $10, at target.com), and about 60 seconds. Master this technique, and a salon appointment won’t be your only answer to a bad hair day.

Want to recreate the look? Watch the video above for all the tips on how to get your own perfect pony!

—Angelique Serrano


I'm Angelique Serrano, beauty director at In Style magazine, and today we're going to show you how to get a pretty polished looking ponytail in seconds. [MUSIC] Start by brushing back your hair into a ponytail. You can place it at the center back of your head,. Down at the nape or even at the side. Grab an elastic and fasten it. [MUSIC] Then take about a quarter inch section from just under the fastened elastic and wrap it around the band until. Til it's completely covered. [MUSIC] When only the ends remain, tuck them into the elastic using a bobby pin to fasten the ends into the band. Now you've got a chic pony tail that works day or night. [MUSIC]
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