Our Beauty Director Gets a Lob (and Learns the Pro Secret to Sexy Waves!)


When InStyle beauty director Kahlana Barfield decided to cut her hair for summer into a wavy Lob (a long bob), she went straight to the source, "I wanted to come right to the man who I feel started this trend. Cesar (Ramirez) has really mastered this undone loose wave. We first saw it on Ciara."

We tagged along with Barfield to the Dop Dop Salon in New York City where Ramirez—the creator of Ciara's coveted loose curls—updated her look. He told us, "The bob used to be known as the old mom cut, or the old soccer mom, and people used to feel that it aged them, but now you see really hot young women…It’s something that me and Ciara actually discovered together." While Barfield's new crop looked amazing stick straight, she wanted the Ciara signature wave. The texture that embodies the laid-back ease of summer. The big reveal was that Ramirez actually used a flatiron (Harry Josh Ceramic Styling Iron, $200 at hairenvy.com) to create the sexy, undone look. He says, "Hair shouldn't look too curled or too done." See the video for all the details!

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I don't cut my hair very often, but I've been seeing this trend on the red carpet, which is a longer bob. We like to call it a lob. And I wanted to give it a try and I wanted to come right to the man who I feel started this trend. Caesar has really mastered this undone loose wave. We first saw it on Sierra. That hair that everyone wants, that hair where you look super effortless like you just woke up and left the house but it actually does take effort. So I want you to show me how to finally do this so I can do it every day. Okay. Okay, let's do it. Got it. You know the bob used to be known as the old mom cut or like the old soccer mom and it was people used to feel like it actually aged them but now you see like really hot young women, it's something that me and Sierra actually discovered together. It just so happened one day before carpet, I was like I'm gonna do it for this carpet. She was wearing like a really cool leather dress. I mean, it was the first day that we, we cut the front and I thought like, let's do something really rock and roll. Let's you know, do a really cool, shorter length and, and just give it a really cool texture. I would totally walk out right now with it straight, but I gotta learn how to do these curls. [UNKNOWN] no need to wait. Okay. Let's do it. I'm a very firm believer on protecting the hair. I don't even believe in putting an iron or any type of hot tool on the hair unless you're prepping it first with a heat protector. I'm placing the iron very lightly. I'm not pressing it too hard and I'm just sliding down and as I slide, I'm just kind of like scooping in. Okay. And then right on either [INAUDIBLE] scoop out. So it's basically a double dip. Right. Okay. So you don't want to start too close to your roots. I do find that the wider blade iron is gonna give you a looser wave. Not bad. No, that's good. I feel great. I feel I look younger, I love that it's effortless, it's light, it's airy. I love that it's off of my neck. Yeah. [LAUGH] Thank you. [INAUDIBLE]
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