Oscars Looks We Love


We pick five stars with the most jaw-dropping gowns of the night.


There was something different about The Oscars this year which is not usually the case. The clothes on the red carpet, simplicity, so the sophisticated almost understatement on the part of a lot of the actresses. I found the clothes more relevant than I have in, in many seasons. In terms of fashion, it was the Anne Hathaway. I mean starting with a vintage Valentino red dress, and going into the first dress that she wore on stage which was a while Givenchy couture, to a gray Vivian Westwood to a terrific Lanvin tuxedo. To a one shoulder shimmy beaded Oscar de la Renta, into a red Versaci dress. To a blue Armani Prive dress and for the finale, with this turtle neck custom made silver armored Tom Ford gown. The great thing about Anne is that she has such an infectious sense of humor. And she has such a delight in being on stage, that it's fun to see her wear all these clothes. Haley Satchel(?) tonight in this Marchesa dress that she said that she actually sketched out. This girl looked so sophisticated and yet like a child. In a great way, she looked so fresh and so happy. The kid sparkled, and I have to say she was one of my favorites. I thought women sponsors just like Calvin Klein was beautiful. I mean there's an essence of minimalism then and incredibly glamorous way. The shape of the dress, the wonderful D, V neckline I love the Louis Vuitton colored jewelry as accents, Michelle Williams by Chanel, a couture gown. The intricacy of the beading, the detail work. And it's all on a chiffon mesh. It is, it's haute couture at it's finest. It is [UNKNOWN] at his best. It is an absolutely spectacular dress. What keeps the Chanel dress from looking too girlish, it the fact that's actually very close to the body and very curvacious. Essential, in a very demur way. Cate Blanchett is probably the most controversial dress for a lot of people. At the InStyle viewing party, women went crazy for it. Men turned their backs on it [LAUGH] I really like it. I thought the dress was a really cool risk, and a risk pulled off. The color and the cut of her hair. Perfectly matched the yellow of the stone. Cate Blanchett walks like she lives in a Palace. [MUSIC]
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