Oscars Dress Debate: Rosamund Pike


For our Oscars Dress Debate, our panelists forecast what Rosamund Pike may wear to the 2015 Ocars.


Rosamund Pike. So, she, though mainly wearing black and white has made a lot of statements, fashion-wise, this season. Of course, from Gone Girl. A very unusual character, a very unusual movie, but it really sort of. Light, effortless blonde on the red carpet. Wears black and white. All different sorts of silhouettes. Of course, the, that Vera Wang that she wore on the Golden Globes, you either loved it. Mm. Or you didn't understand it. [LAUGH] But she got a lot of attention for being five weeks post-baby. What do we think she's, she's worn a lot of designers. She's a real wild. It could go very classic, funnel neck, or it could go something very exposed. Eric, let's start with you. What do you think? I would love nothing more than to see her in a tux. I think that the suit trend, in pants on the red carpet is a, is a fresh look. No one's done it right at the Oscars. And I would say since Celine Dion, but she didn't do it right either. .>RIght. SO this is the real look that's coming up on red carpets: pants, jackets, new cut out shapes, some sportswear. And she's still defining herself right now in terms of that image. So why not bring out something a little more structured? And a little more unexpected. I think, I think a suit on her would look incredible. Kathy, you shook your head when I said Ver, the Vera Wang. I thought it was terrible looking. I mean it didn't do, she, it didn't help her. And it wasn't a very attractive dress. It wasn't flattering. And. I think that, I'm sort of following on Eric's comment, you know, of thinking about Narcisso's last outfit last night. The pants, you know, we see a lot of jump suits. Jason Wu has them, some really good looking jump suits. But in, Narcisso's collection, he ended with a black pants outfit, with a white. Sort of starry stole that swirled back. I mean, she would look amazing in something like that. And I think it would be gutsy for her to do that. I'm not sure she's going to. I think she's been not as precise as I wish she was. I mean, but that's okay. I get it. I get that she's probably exploring a little bit. Mm-hm. And she's post baby. Sasha. I see her as the next generations Sharon Stone. So, she's got very bold characters, she's obviously gorgeous, and a very strong sense of style on the red carpet, as well, and has been playing around quite a bit with her look. I think, I love the idea of a tux that to me fits perfectly. And I think even a jumpsuit is, is too prolific now, where it may be a little predictable. I think if she went gown, it should be modern and maybe by a woman for a woman, Stella McCartney does beautiful ones. In my ideal, she would be wearing. A, a big skirt and then a separate top. Just- Just to keep it a bit more unexpected. And I agree. I think this is a moment where you're probably not going to win and you're probably not going to win, right? Yeah. Have fun with it. So, you have the one freebie. So like, have fun with it. Yeah. Make your next statement. Hm. Move into a new, like a new character and get everyone's attention again for the next role. Like, let us remember you in that. Right, you're this, you're this incredible style icon for the next year, for the next, you know, be ahead of the curve. I think that's a really smart idea. We did do a poll last night on our Facebook, and we asked, do you prefer risk takers or you prefer old Hollywood? And, more often than not, people prefer risk takers. And I think that's really interesting. You know, people think everyone wants this old Hollywood glamour. And there's a place for it, but people wanna see these risk takers take risks.
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