Oscars Dress Debate: Reese Witherspoon


InStyle's Ariel Foxman gushes about Reese Witherspoon's standout red carpet looks in anticipation of the 2015 Oscars.


Now, Reese. You know, the epitome of American, glamor. She's been on the red carpet many times. Of course, she, she had one major stand out moment in my mind when she wore that yellow Nina Ricci so many years ago Mm. In 2007. A year after she had won the Oscar in 2006. She wore that bold yellow short dress just at the moment when short was becoming, a moment, on the red carpet. But since then it's been very safe, very appropriate, form fitting gowns with the beautiful hair. What do you think we're going to see from her on the red carpet. She's a nominee, she's already been a winner, she's probably not as nervous as everybody else. Sasha. I see consistency here. She to me is a classic southern bell and she is always polished to those, very elegant. She knows what looks beautiful on her what fits her form. She wears color consistently even though she's gone to white recently which is I think quite chick. But I don't expect surprises form her, unfortunately. However, she always looks beautiful, and she always looks mum, very classic Hollywood glamour. I don't know; I think we could see a little bit more. I mean, you know, look at how she does her hair, which can either be very messy- Yeah. And look wonderful, or how she is now with it. Kind of swept to the side and she'll wear a siren gown of some kind. I don't know. It would be great to see her break out a little bit, just for the reasons that you were saying, Ariel. That she has, she doesn't really have anything to lose here. We know she's gonna look tasteful and great. But, I mean even this white gown, the off the shoulder Armani, I mean it's a little bit more drama. It was great. I mean, we'd see a little bit more of that, maybe. That was one of the most talked about. Dresses of the night on our InStyle Facebook talk meter. So even when she just does a little bit unexpected, Reese gets a lot of attention. We spoke to her stylist, Leslie Freemar, and she said as much as Reese loves vintage, she won't be wearing vintage. She wore vintage she won the Oscar in 2006. Eric, what do you think? All right. I mean this was one of my favorite dresses of the season. And the more I look at it, it almost was like a minimalist toga. And even though it appears simple and within her signature style, it's actually a bit of a breakthrough. So I think that is, gives you a little bit of a hint of the direction she wants to take. She's not gonna go for a wild, you know,180 turn. But I think she'll bring something more. Interesting in the, that you might expect. It might be like an architectural detail something from Calvin Klein or Armani. It might be just the an unusual color, that could be her moment. And she's wearing a lot of purple. We saw her in that purple long band, the purple Stella McCartney. Most recently at the BAFTA's, so maybe will be a shock of. Violent or something like that. Mm. I do want to see something really bold. Mm-hm. From her as well. But I mean always gorgeous, always really tasteful.
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