Oscars Dress Debate: Marion Cotillard

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Marion Cotillard is headed to the Oscars! InStyle editor Ariel Foxman chats about what she might wear with the Oscars Dress Debate panel.


Marion Cotillard. Gorgeous. Mm. I don't know this movie. [LAUGH] I know. [LAUGH] This, [LAUGH] this moment is about as much of the dress as a moment to. Promote this film, two days one night, it's about as long as the movie's been out I think in this country. Again a winner, an Oscar winner, Probably not very nervous to show up on the red carpet. The face of Lady Dior, so it's pretty much a,a, a shoe in that she's gonna wear Dior. We did see her win in Gautier in that really. Memorable fish scale gown. And she's been wearing a lot of Dior. Now she, she manages to make it interesting though always, with a, an incredible accessory, a bootie or an interesting manicure. The hair is either disheveled purposely or. You know, she's just kind of like, looks like she's just sort of run into the red carpet. What do you think we'll see from her, t, this season? Well, I think you hit the nail on the head. I mean she's a classic, like left bank woman. So we've got Reese Witherspoon as the, as the southern belle. And she is a Parisian through and through. Through and through. She knows the the quintessential look of effortless chic, and she always has something slightly juxtaposed. And putting a booty with a gorgeous mini-length dress for example. It was bold and she decided to do it, I think multiple times. So, I'm always excited to see what she wears. And she always accessorizes things in a beautiful slightly quixotic way again. Often times with long necklaces over a very high necked gown, which would not be expected. So she always has a bit of an antique thing going, I think. So Dior is obviously aligned beautifully for that and and she wears embellishment quite well without being too precious about it. So I do see that being consistent but she always surprises us within that realm. Kathy? Well said, I love watching Marion Cotillard. I just think she has such. You know she's, she's so comfortable in clothes. She has a great relationship with Dior. I love the dress I think she wore at Cannes, that was the asymmetrical longer in the back. I thought that was a gor, gor, I mean again it sort of reflects her I wouldn't say it's a rebellious spirit. Hm. But maybe just say it's left bank, Parisian. And she just I hope. That she goes into find something in the Dior Couture of the, this past season or the one before and finds something that is maybe a little difficult to wear. And, and takes it out on the red carpet. With the plastic. [LAUGH] Perhaps Something like a plastic rain coat. But she can pull it off. [CROSSTALK] She can so pull it off. She can pull off anything. And I just think she's amazing for that. She looks great in a simple red dress too, but. She's gre, really terrific. Very versatile look. Mm-hm. Very versatile. I'd like to see, I mean, I'm assuming as you are, I'd like to see something we have not seen in one of the collections and a totally new idea. Mm-hm. I feel like with today's fashion world, we're all seeing these images so quickly that, to wear a dress that has already been seen on, on the biggest red carpet of the season. Is a missed opportunity. I think this is, like, where the designer Raf Simons can bring in a look from his next collection and preview it here. Hm. And, and surprise us. Because this is a, this is a really unique relationship in fashion. Where you have such a, a kind of symbiosis between designer and, and muse. Someone who's willing to take those chances, this is the place to do it. And do you think she has a real say in the design process? I can't imagine she would wear anything that she didn't. Want to, yeah. Think was her style. Her personal style. [CROSSTALK] She's clearly a muse to him, as well, so
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