Oscars Dress Debate: Keira Knightly


InStyle's Oscars Dress Debate panelists take a closer look at Keira Knightley's red carpet maternity style.


So we have Keira Knightley coming. Five, around five months pregnant. And she of course wore the chenille to the Golden Globes. And she is, she's had all sorts of silhouettes she's been playing with. And so now it's, it's a challenge. Right, you know,. You're in fittings. You're tired. You can't drink on the night of. Or at least you're trying. Hard to just stay on your feet. And its just a lot. And she is a, you know, she goes to Channel a lot. What do we think we'll see from Keira Knightley? I would like to see her in, in Jon Batiste Avally. I think. I think when you have a more dynamic shape when you're a pregnant woman, you can play a little bit more, of course, the empire waist, but we all expect that. So then it's creating a cascade. It's playing with prints, you know trompe l'oeil, et cetera. So, I think she's just a period beauty. She's known on and off screen as a period beauty. So I think that would be a nice about face for her. I think she will go Chanel, but as a, as a curve ball I'd like to see John Batista Valley. Right, and so here we see her at this Chanel, at the Globes in Chanel, and she wore John Batista Valley most recently at the BAFTA's as her pregnancy look. Cathy, what do you think? I don't know. I think that she may go, she's a little but further along now. It might be a little aw-, she might feel more confident and more comfortable in something that is not so, you know, whether it's prints or too many layers. Or, I think she might simplify it, I think. Though, with color. Great color. But I don't know. I think it would be you know, maybe more than she wants to handle, I'm just thinking. I, I cannot see her taking a, a skin tight Gucci moment at, at this point in her life. Yeah. I, I think it's really, she, she has a certain confidence in the way she behaves and presents herself. But with clothing, I think she prefers. When, when you see those moments where she really does come out in a fashion moment, it's very thought out. [COUGH] And I think that she on a red carpet at this moment, she might want to keep things quiet. Mm. It's a tough, it's a tough place to be in. I mean there's, she'd look amazing if she came out looking in this purple dress. I mean, she looked amazing in just an incredibly luscious color. Beautifully cut dress, Yeah. and, and her hair, whatever, and some good jewels, and leave it, call it a day, Mm-hm. and she'd look amazing. Gorgeous, with the gorgeous jewelry and the hair. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. And with the Erdem dress that was so good. Yeah. Yeah, it was gorgeous. It was all lace, yeah.
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