Oscars Dress Debate: Felicity Jones


What will Best Actress nominee Felicity Jones wear to the Oscars? The InStyle Oscar Dress Debate panelists talk about possible options.


So let's talk about Felicity Jones. Every year, there's one, we hope Mm-hm. There's one woman that breaks out on the red carpet. Last year, it was definitely Lupita. You know, somebody new who seems to just kind of come out of nowhere and own the red carpet. Every time she appears, it's something new and fresh and. And someone who really seams to enjoy it. And I think this year it was Felicity. There is also this sort of graceful, sort of, not old Hollywood glamour, but really old-fashioned, appeal that she has. She's been veering towards Dior a lot. What do you think we'll see Felicity Jones wearing? Well I personally think, interestingly, so if Julianne was, you know she's a gorgeous woman in her 50's, Felicity's in her early 30's. So I think they're in very different eras of their style journey. So I think she's having a bit more fun. Experimenting a bit more. But there was a quote that she'd really gotten through her. Her stumbles in her 20s, and now she can play out of it more. So, I think she'll be doing something a bit more classic but, and perhaps beyond her years, but still very much decisive, because she's, that's how she has been dressing. I was excited to see her wear that Balenciaga. That blush Balenciaga. Mm-hm. After having worn so much Dior. Hm. She's sort of moved into a new designer recently at the SAGs. The, that blush color what do you think, Kathy? I think she'll break out a little bit. Yeah. I think that there will be more of a temptation for her, for her. I don't think that's true with Joanna, but I think with her. And I love seeing her in that pink. I love seeing her in lighter col, colors. Classic, no still. I think she knows that. I like this silhouette that she has, the Dior, the sort of high neck that she always seems to wear. Do you think we'll see a high neck or do you think she'll do something a bit more provocative? I would like to see her take a chance, especially with a younger designer that she- she is at the top of every wish list among the coolest designers that we cover from Paris to New York. And, this gives her the opportunity before she does go into a really specific image to create a, a moment here and establish herself as, as a, as a fashion, fashionable star. Is there anyone you can think of that would great on her? Princess Guler would be amazing but I'd also like to see her go with a British designer because she is part of that British invasion right now. So Erdim would be for, especially like a really great lace complicated lace dress could be really a great moment. Mm, she's so sophisticated too though and that is something that would be a fantastic, I would actually say Alessandra Rich would be beautiful for her because it's British, it's very refined, quite covered. But a small lesser known designer but, what stands out with me is that she's so sophisticated beyond her years so I think she's trying to put her, her stamp in the. In the style realm, and, and that would be a lovely surprise to see an Alessandra on the runway, or red carpet. [LAUGH] Runway. I'd like to see her do something completely different. As much as I like her- Mm. On the red carpet, it feels a little same, same, same. Mm-hm. And I'd love to see her do something, I, I don't. I love the performance. I don't think she's gonna win. And I'd like the big moment to be on the red carpet. I'd like to see her working a different length. A different silhouette. Maybe a print. I'd just like to, I'd like to really remember her Oscar dress. And I'm afraid its just going to be really elegant and tasteful and kind of get blended in there. So if it was. A new designer or a British designer that she sort of like really took, took the moment for British designer will be really fantastic. I'm afraid it's just gonna be very quiet, so I'm hoping Felicity really sort of take, take the moment.
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