Oscar Winners Show Their Trophies


Academy winners invite you over to see where they keep their statues.


[MUSIC] It's a huge honor to win an Oscar, but once you've got him where do you put him? We surprised past Academy Award winners and asked where's Oscar? [SOUND] Come on in. First up, Oscar winner Mary [UNKNOWN]. I keep it here my house but the thing is, I have to tell you to worry that somebody may steal it. So, that's motivated me to hire this highly trained team of guard dogs. No one is gonna steal that baby, as long as these guys are on the job. I won my Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for a movie called Melvin and Howard. And it was just kind of surreal that night to have your fantasy come true. And they send it back to you, and I remember it came in this blue velvet bag with a gold thread at the top of it. And I was like, oh my God, there it is. It's kind of a fun, lucky charm for lots of people. Anybody that comes in the house has to hold it, has to have a photo of them holding. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Next, we visited Academy Award winner, Martin Landau. I've talked enough. Bob. Bob. Oscar's in my office. There's the guy. This is where I keep my pal, Oscar. See? Oh gosh, he's heavy. Gotta go on a diet. Well, I won the Oscar for a picture called Ed Wood that Tim Burton directed. And I played an interesting man called Bela Lugosi. Oscar is my right-hand man. Well, I introduce him to people. But my, he doesn't say much. He's the strong silent type, very stoic. It represents a standard for me. It, it's a reminder of my wanting to strive for excellence. [MUSIC]
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