Do You Agree with Our Oscar Dress Predictions for This Year's Best Actress Nominees?


The 88th annual Academy Awards are a little over a week away, and while the pros over at place bets on each actor's Oscar odds, we're over here debating, just what will she wear?

Our panel of experts, including InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson, designer Misha Nonoo, and Roy Luwolt, co-founder of the shoe line Malone Souliers, discuss the designer dresses they hope each best actress nominee will choose for her big night. On the talking table? Cate Blanchett ("she makes virtually every best-dressed list I write for InStyle," Wilson says); Brie Larson ("she's testing the waters, and seeing what fits," says Nonoo); Jennifer Lawrence ("Dior, Dior, Dior," the panel laughs); Charlotte Rampling ("she is a woman who does as she pleases," says Luwolt); and Saoirse Ronan ("she's a real wildcard," Nonoo says).

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To hear which designers our experts hope to see, plus insight into which of the best supporting actress nominees our panelists are looking forward to most, watch the video above, and be sure to see if any of our predictions come true when the Oscars take place Sunday, Feb. 28 (red carpet coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET; show starts at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC).


[MUSIC] Welcome to the 2016 InStyle Oscars dress debate. I'm Eric Wilson, fashion news director of the magazine, and with me, are fashion designer Misha Nonoo, who has Created some amazing red carpet dresses herself and is certainly pals with Gwenith and Sara Jessica Parker and the Middleton's, and my friend Roy Luwold who is the co-founder of Malone Souliers one of the coolest new shoe wear lines in the market. This is certainly gonna be an interesting year for the Oscars, with a few close races, and a lot of controversy over a lack of diversity, but we're here to talk about fashion. [MUSIC] Let's talk about Cate Blanchette, the ultimate queen of the red carpet. She makes virtually every best dressed list that I write for InStyle. And I think that, when it comes to the fashion stakes, we're most excited to see See what she's gonna wear that night. It's hard for me to think of an example, in recent fashion, that I haven't been wowed by her. From the incredibly eclectic, fun dresses she wear, it's like the Jiles Deacon, from the Star Wars like print, from [UNKNOWN] Film Festival to last year's amazing Oscar's dress, the Maison Margiela black raw-edged dress that she paired with this incredible Tiffany necklace of turquoise, just incredible. But what do think it is about Cate That she manages to get so much right. I mean, it's funny because we've had some sort of big business [UNKNOWN] about her as well in that we've always seen her as one of the top three women you would pick to represent your brand, to be an ambassador and blah, blah, blah. And It's interesting because I came to the conclusion that's because she's one of the few women, thespians, who's really a thespian, who doesn't really work around the socialite circle and just gets the work done, goes for her awards, goes home. So when she does come out to the in the Prive dress from a few years ago This might be one of the most expensive that's ever been worn on the red carpet. She just wears it very demurely, if you will, and it belongs to Cate. It's not from Cate Blanchett, it's just Cate. I think Think, I agree with you she is the most, I think every brand would like her as an ambassador. we have actually been very lucky in that we have actually dressed her before. And that was such a highlight, I think the reason being is because she has this innate Nobility and elegance that speaks to all different age demographics and I think that ultimately the thing with Cate Blanchett is that she pulls everything off, because she's os cool and I think that she has a daring about her that actually means she doesn't really care and as a result, I think she has a character and I think your point being a real She has this character and she's like well you know I'll take on all these different roles and I think she'll do that with fashion too. And that's what makes her so fun to watch. She plays with color, she plays with accents and jewelery, and she's just statuesque in everything she puts on. So what do you want to see her wear come Oscar I think I would be very thrilled if I would see it for a first time where a non-designer or an emergent designer simply because, of course, just like Michelle says, everyone aspires to you know, a case. Be it how you dressed or in we in terms of a It's one of those that I think basically for our generation certainly leads the charge in all things exquisite. So anyone as young as even [UNKNOWN] or someone like that would be life changing. It would be life changing. My prediction is that for such a big night as the Oscars, when I think that most stars actually, you see them make their, you know, they tread carefully around the Oscars, whereas you often see in the awards before that [INAUDIBLE] they actually do something a little bit more daring. I think you'll probably see her wear Armani, but I agree. I would love to see her wear somebody younger, even somebody younger like Givenchy or Ricardo. Whenever she wears him it's pure magic. I also loved when she wore Maison Margiela, designed by Galliano, I thought that was Stunning and the simplicity with that incredible Tiffany necklace. I think that there's something to be said for when she really goes so classic and just has one accent and statement piece. But I imagine it's gonna be Armani [INAUDIBLE] on the night. I'm 50 50 Armani to Givenchy, simply because I, and I'm leaning toward Armani because I think it's been a while since she's worn it to such a high profile- Mm-hm. Yes. It's about time. Yes. [MUSIC] According to all the Oscar Pundits, Brie Larson has this trophy locked up. She won the Globe, she won the SAG award. Now has she won the fashion state? That's a whole another question. She's a relative new comer to the red carpet even though she's She's had a lot of incredible hits with major designers and really don't quite know yet what she's gonna wear. What do you think of her debut so far? You know, I've actually had the great pleasure of meeting Brie in person and dressing her very early on in her career. And she is the most charming, beguiling character and I think that really shows through in how she's Making her decisions right now. I think that she's actually kind of testing the waters and seeing what fits. I don't know that she's necessarily found the perfect glove yet. But I think that, for example, when she She wore that beautiful red Calvin Klein halter neck column gown. That was a real highlight for me. And I think that she's so beautiful and has incredible coloring. That she can really she not only can she wear color. But I think that she can take something She's tall. She can take something that's a little bit cleaner. SHe doesn't need all the bells and whistles. For me the Prada piece at the Met Gala that she wore was just a little bit distracting. So I think actually the more classic that she goes the better. That's not to say that I don't think she'd be amazing in something more etherial too actually. Like I think she could really pull of a Chloe or something a bit more feminine like a Stella McCartney too. She hasn't quite tried. Well did you like that Calvin Klein dress she wore to the Globals? I did, I did. You know it's interesting however, I would almost say because she's got a very classicist face and demeanor about her, and I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her just yet of course, but I think she's one of the younger actresses that could easily sort of come across a bit older in terms of the way she very gently presents herself and isn't particularly excitable on the red carpet and is merely a very restrained human when it comes to her presentation. I think it's quite difficult to say at this point any further that she' is an underappreciated actress, which I had thought until this award season. But I think in the same way again, hate to agree with Misha cuz I can't help it but Misha's absolutely right. I think she is certainly one of those discovering herself, but you can also tell that she's discovering herself through herself and not through stylist only which Which is a beautiful process because then we can look back a few years from now and think wow this woman has really become her self beyond the movies. So. And I think what's so interesting also is that the film that she's nominated for her performance is so deeply disturbing, it's so Moving and emotional, and I wonder if what she decides to actually go with in the end May be rhythmic to the It may have some Absolutely It may be instrumental in terms of the actual [UNKNOWN]. I agree. I think the Oscars venue calls for more serious fashion statements, not so much of the Young, the sexy, that she's been going for so far. So my pick would be Tom Ford who when he creates his one look for one celebrity at the awards he really considers all of these elements and what kind of impact. This is true. That's going to make. What would you like to see her in? I would like to see her in a Stella McCartney or a Chloe. I'm voting for Roxeanne vastaline, again I think it's playful, it's young, but also it's quite serious minded in that sort of context of a serious red carpet look but at the same time it's a statement. Jennifer Lawrence continues to captivate audiences and her latest film joy ride Delightful took to see her in. But on the red carpet I think we know what to expect. Dior. [LAUGH] Dior, Dior. Dior, Dior, Dior. She has a relationship with the house. She's started to take a few Chances lately and move into a few different directions. I like the kind of lingerie effect look that she wore in the black dress from Schiaparelli, another one from Ralph Lauren. What do you think's going on with her and where do you see her likelihood In terms of choices this time? Well, it's manifold. I agree with you, I think that it probably will be Dior, because we all know that she has a contract with Dior. And the one thing I will say about that is that at least she's very open about having a contract with the house. So some celebrities have contracts, they don't talk about it, but Jennifer Lawrence Is such an authentic being that I think it's just part of her that's just so open. Would I love to see her in something else? Yes, I [UNKNOWN] loved her in the Schiaparelli Couture. I thought it was so high, you could tell that she's just a cool chick, and wearing that lingerie inspired look was just stunning. I would love to see her in [UNKNOWN] I think that she would be so rock and roll. And she's got that cool hair and I just think that she would pull off something that was kind of a little bit sexy and a little bit cheeky. And I think if anybody can do that for the Oscars where is more serious and it's a more mature affair It could be yeah. See Jennifer Lawrence I find to be one of those actresses that's fulfilling all our hopes effectively. I find the Dior thing to be a little bit more than just the actual relationship the house. But more so, an element of a sure symbol of, if you will self-awareness. She knows what she likes. So she goes for it. You know, she's also not that sort of actress, knowing personally that would just do things simply because it's been arranged by the people around her. For that reason, I think again, considering the changes, corporate changes if you will, with India at the moment I think you might see her venture a little bit further. Now, this isn't a prediction, it's a hope. And I would actually say, and this is completely left field, I'd hope to see something that goes towards Del Pozo or something within even maybe more recent, Oscar de la Renta. So something that's Jennifer Lawrence stubbornness, and that element that seems to be quite consistent in her roles and her personality in real life as well, but then has a very stately element about her that's not stuffy. Whatsoever For sure it is an interesting moment for those who don't know the designer of [UNKNOWN] left after the last collection leaving perhaps a little less of a creative direction there Correct For an event as important as this I'm sure that she'll, she will take into account the fact that still, it's still going to be really talked about, what she wears. At the same time, she's not the leading contender, so she has an opportunity to have a little bit of fun, [CROSSTALK] Absolutely. She does not have to wear a dress that will cause her to trip. No, no. It could be something young and fun, it could be something bright and sexy. Could you imagine her, in something that's like, A jumpsuit? Can you imagine how incredible she would be in a jumpsuit. And she wears something really, I just think there's so much she could do. The fact that Amy Schumer is one of her best friends just means that she's got a sense of humor and she's a fun girl. Of course, you'd have to be [LAUGH]. And I think it's unfortunate, we haven't seen that in how she dresses for these occasions yet. But I think it will come out at some point which she has a long and steady career ahead of her for sure. Let's cross our fingers. [MUSIC] Next up is Charlotte Rampling. As you may know she waited into the controversy over the lack of diversity among the nominees and made some rather awkward statements. So she's gonna face a lot of criticism on the Red Carpet, I'm certain a lot of questions. But as for fashion that's another story She's such an icon. Growing up in the UK, she's a major icon. I think the thing for me is that I always think if I was being naked rather than clothed, and she looks so good naked, there's [UNKNOWN] shots. But I think that ultimately she's so hauntingly beautiful that she kind of is one of those Jane Barking fashion, she has such a legacy that there's nothing about her that you wouldn't Love to see her in from those days. But she has a simplicity to her in her fashion, and, as you've seen with things that she wears in the past, it tends to be tuxedo-inspired. And I think she could do something incredible. She has an amazing figure. The whole thing about diversity, as you say, it's really a little awkward for her. But It's fantastic for someone who's 70 years old who looks that amazing on the red carpet and if you think about old old [INAUDIBLE] when he used to do the smirking and he had the peek a pal tuxedo he had the cumberbund, that pencil Charles a very very very very finely cut I would love to see her wearing something like that on the red carpet. What do you think? I mean, [UNKNOWN]. I happen to come from the UK as well, and it's interesting, she is one of those emblems of how fashion always wants to have something it can't have. You know I think fashion's been trying to get it's hands on her for Decades, very much so. But because she's the woman who does as she pleases, quite clearly and respectably so, I think it'll be quite interesting if, for once, she decides to actually play with a trend but just dip a toe. So for instance, a Charles [UNKNOWN] maybe merged with a Michelle [UNKNOWN]. Or maybe something as Silly as perhaps done ready but kind of a red version on the red carpet. And perhaps, I mean, oddly enough I would go back to S and R for her because she has the touch that you speak of. A very silhouette, slim line, black and white. Which again, I think she can certainly play with with all these brands but Also, not be brand dead, you know, I love when, you know, every single media outlet has to wonder for days, what [UNKNOWN] did where, and perhaps you can do that within the frey, without actually, representing the frey, you know? [UNKNOWN] is everything we all grew up on, and, she continues to be everything that we're growing up with, you know, and I think, as to really what she's going to wear None of us can call it [LAUGH]. You know, so we've just got to respect the mystery of it. Fair enough. I'll give one possibility though, is that, bringing up that she appeared in a Mark Jacobs advertising campaign. She did, yes. Indeed. Years ago. And there's a nice little parallel in there in that Mark is a designer who has never been afraid to court controversy. Mm-hm. So they could be kindred spirits in a sense though. Yeah. So, I wouldn't, I would think that, that should be a nice moment to see. Definitely. I mean to your point, I think that she is beyond brand, in a sense. Uh-huh. But I also think it could be incredible if she did something like a Sharon Stone. You know, from way back when with the incredible white shot Hm. Some insane jewels and you know, a tuxedo pant. Something just super simple and it's really all about, you know that Beautiful face. Yeah. She'll own it. She'll own it, whatever it is. [MUSIC] As the last nominee, Saoirse Ronan has really captured everyone's attention just because she's so adorable. I was absolutely in love with the dress that she she wore for Michael Kors at the SAG Awards that Form fitting pink lace. Was youthful looking but it wasn't bare. Which I think we're all a little bit tired of seeing bare mid drifts on the red carpet. Not that that's going to go away anytime soon. But it's nice to see so many young actors dressing in a more classic way. Yeah, absolutely. I think she is, her look is so delicate, so ethereal, so feminine, it's interesting some of looks she's worn lately have been Ivory, soft pink, soft blue, so pastels again. So we keep that femininity. I think she's probably a real wild card. Similar to Brie Larson, she has all the opportunity in the world. She's just stepping out onto the stage and she's got an incredible platform to play with right now I would love to see her support young british design talent. Being that she's an Irish girl herself. I think she would be stunning if she wanted to go a little bit more classic in something like an Adhem. Something that's floral or has ruffles or something that's beaded. And then if she wanted to go something a little bit more edgy I think it would be incredible to do something like custom Simone Rocha. I've always adored her as an actress who's age was really difficult to actually guess. Simply because, for some reason, she refers my memory quite often to a Cate Blanchett. Like an earlier, younger Cate Blanchett, if you will. And they've got the same, it seems, not to speak much as though I know of the process. But very much A very particular immersion in the roles that they do take on. And, it's funny because at the same time she does live that very same person after the fact. Always somebody beyond her age, wise beyond her years and all that. And you can see that's a lot in silhouette of the things that she actually does wear. Now, I would really hope to see her in more of a fitted length. Yes, the length is great, I think it works perfectly for her, but I think you can get a sense from her that she doesn't care for trend She cares for personal style. So I'm actually thinking of [UNKNOWN] as the main person that she may attempt. It's quite an interesting one therefore though if she were to play with Italian designers, which is where I'd go with that. I feel as though it'd give her a bit more accent. That she hasn't played with, which really still gives you a very stately presentation, and I think she's more than earned it. Well I'm gonna say the odds of that happening are pretty slim. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But if you wanna go fitted in British, how about Victoria Beckham? She's worn Victoria Beckham before. Yeah, she has worn Victoria Beckham. I don't know, I don't know if Victoria Beckham, in my mind, I don't think she's so va-va-voom. And I think of Victoria Beckham to being, just because of the way she started I suppose, more va-va-voom. I would agree. I don't see it. I do see- She's just a bit more of like a beautiful fairy who- I mean, I do see- That floats along the red carpet. I do see [UNKNOWN] to your point actually. I mean, yes numero [UNKNOWN] is quite unlikely, but at the same time if you were to go for again something more island, mainland, there is an option of Russia, whereby of course you still get all the rich embellishment, but again still the length and a bit more fit, and I think that's where i would go with it if we were allowed to branch out a little a bit. But everything she's won so far has been very much hers. It just will be nice for us to remember that she can play with it as she plays across different roles as well. What do you think Eric? I still like the idea of a British designer and I do think Victoria has changed the [UNKNOWN] she's actually brought a lot of [UNKNOWN] into the collection. Starting with the pre-Fall, so it's a possibility but maybe Stella McCartney would make sense in this case as well. Very youthful, very fun. Absolutely [MUSIC] Our debate would not be complete without a least a nod to the best supporting actress nominees, who include several up and coming stars. As well as some established ones who have a very trite and true style on the red carpet. Who are you most excited about from this group? Personally I am most excited about Alicia Vikander. She is nominated for her role in a friend of mine [INAUDIBLE] The Danish Girl. And I think that she is absolutely outstanding in that role. And I think that the past 188 months she's just come out of nowhere. And has had She's a formidable actress, and not only that, but she's so beautiful. So I think that she's probably gonna be wearing Louis Vuitton. I think that's probably something we can call, she has a contract with the house. But I actually really love her relationship with the house. I think she's somebody, she's an actress that really fits the bill with what [UNKNOWN] is doing very, very well. I think she's perfect and very on brand. And I think from the very things that she's worn, the beautiful white, almost like apron dress. Down to the much more zany colorful sequin pieces that she wore with long sleeves She, whatever she wears from them it seems appropriate. So I'll be very excited to just see what she wears I imagine from them on Oscar night. For me it's the girl you never see coming. That's really Mira. And you know what, her style has been marvelous every single time but I would easily see her in a Valentino or Balenciaga or even an Eddie Line Lee. The brand that says as much as we been around for so long We can still hold it in as a youthful dress. And she does youthful perfectly while still being very beautifully established about what she actually wears. So I'm excited to see what she plays with, really. And I think we can count on some of the others to wear their traditional bodycon jewel tone dresses. It's what works for them. Personally, it's a tossup to me too between Rooney and Alicia. I think the Vuitton Given how amazing that dress was at the SAG Awards that topped the best dress. And I think this one's gonna have to be even better. Yes, certainly. We're waiting with baited breath. So you've heard what we have to say and I hope you take some time to go through the collections and pick out your Your favorite looks for your favorite starts. But let's say thanks to our guests Misha Nunu and Roy Luwolt who took the time to give us their predictions. Thank you. Thank you very much.
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