Oscar Dress Debate: Julianne Moore


InStyle's Oscars Dress Debate panelists gush about what red carpet siren Julianne Moore may wear to the 2015 Oscars.


Let's talk about Julianne Moore. Five time Oscar nominee. She's never won. She's always looked amazing on the red carpet. And everyone's pretty much saying she's going to win this season. This is gonna be her Oscar. So. I, I'm wondering, when you know you're gonna win, or you're pretty much going to win, is it different to dress for the red carpet when it's the winner's gown? She's won so many of the awards leading up to the red carpet. We've seen her in Givenchy, haute couture at SAG, she's worn Givenchy at the Golden Globes. She's a, a designer darling. Eric, you always put her on the best dressed. Mm-hm. What do you think that she's gonna be wearing come Oscar night? I would give it a 50-50 between Tom Ford and Givenchy. I mean, these are her two most loyal designers and she's been very much in control of what she's been wearing this season. I think being very assertive about what she wants and I think those two designers are most responsive to her needs and her desires. And we saw her Tom Ford at BAFTA'S. Tom Ford loves to dress her. They're great friends. He directed her, of course, in his one, directorial debut. She was the star. Cathy, what do you think? I think she's gonna probably be very consistent with what she's, what we've seen her this season. I don't think that. I would imagine it could kind of unnerving to go too far out. You're going to stay in her comfort zone. I mean, she looks beautiful, whatever she wears. I think she has an amazing sense of her body. And she just always looks just incredible I think. So I have a feeling that I just think, you don't want to risk it in going out with something that's a little too audacious. Sasha? I think, I don't think she's going for the Triple Crown. I think she's going for Tom Ford this time. I think she gave an amazing lot of air time to Givenchy prior. And for the Oscars I think she's going to the man that, to whom she is the muse. So I see her with Tom Ford. And what color do you think we're going to see her in? She's played with so many colors along the way. She's that amazing flame red hair, she can probably wear any color. She looks good in green, so beautiful in green. In black as well. The black and white combos she's worn, Tom Ford included are always really graphic and good looks for her. And she wore. Something light, actually. She wore that black St. Laurent to the Critic's Choice recently with that sexy lace panel. Hm. I don't think she's that comfortable in black. I mean in black alone, she I think complained about needing a self tanner that night. Yeah, she can pull off color quite well. But she looks good in white too. Exactly, and I think white is classic glamour. And for what other event besides the Oscars to really pull out all the stops. This is her season. Either of the designers would be the absolute pinnacle for high glamour. SO I think they can go- they can go quite classic. And [UNKNOWN] always does a beautiful line. So- So no wild card moment for Julienne. The only option is Chanel that would be a surprise. But that's not even a question. She's worn it beautifully.
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