Only On InStyle: An Exclusive Orphan Black Clip Before Tonight's Episode!

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In last week’s episode of @OrphanBlack, we saw twin clones Sarah and Helena begin to form a sisterly bond—one that most people would have thought impossible given their track record of trying to kill each other. Before tonight’s all-new episode, check out this exclusive (and heartwarming!) clip of the pair bonding on what appears to be a good old-fashioned road trip. We can’t wait to see how this relationship blossoms! Tune into @BBCAmerica Saturdays at 9/8 C to find out!


[MUSIC] Can you just, pick a station please. [MUSIC] Nah not happening. [MUSIC] Aweful. [MUSIC] Oh, this must have been a huge hit with the nuns in your [INAUDIBLE] Yes. [INAUDIBLE] I'm trying to get. [MUSIC]. You gonna sing the whole way? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Stop, please. [MUSIC]. Oh, my God. Helena, stop. [MUSIC]
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