The One Item You''ll Find Ryan Reynolds Solo In the Woods with

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Ryan Reynolds is many things: A devoted father, a loving husband, and a man of many talents. He proved that further when we caught up with him in NYC recently, where he walked us through what it would be like to go on a camping trip with him (and we must say, despite some necessary camping skills, we’d still be down for tagging along). “I’ve tried to build lean-tos before, those little shelters and always suck at them,” he shares about the skills he lacks in the woods. “Oh yeah and a tent. No idea how [to build one].”

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For more on the Deadpool star’s many talents (and lackthereof, for that matter) watch the clip above. Learn more about his campaign with American Forests by visiting


Ryan Reynolds On camping. I like camping. Really? In saying about it once you're out there it's great. It's like the lead up that's not. You know you forgot something key like a sleeping bag. If you could bring one item with you into the woods, what would it be? One item into the woods with me what would it be? Bear Grylls. [NOISE] Where everyone gets out alive and handsome. [MUSIC] For me, I'd say like four days is a good amount of time if you're going with your kids. If I was just going with my buddy or something we'd go a couple weeks. Two go in, one comes out. That kind of thing. [MUSIC] Probably Mike Egeck, the CEO, because they need him back. So, my thought is, you're definitely gonna be tracked very efficiently by the rest of Eddie Bauer, if you're carrying the most prized possession, the CEO. Secondarily, I'm thinking probably something a little more practical, like [UNKNOWN] Jackets and stuff so I would definitely find some of those. [MUSIC] I've tried to build lean to's before like little shelters, emergency shelters and I really suck at them. I was just like yeah, I want a tent. [MUSIC]
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