What's Inside Olivia Culpo's Bag? She Reveals Her Must-Have Beauty Products

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You never know when you’ll need to apply a quick touch-up between shows during fashion week—and no one is better prepared than Olivia Culpo. By now, the model and actress has learned just how important it is to carry around all of her beauty essentials, and when she stopped by InStyle’s HQ last week between NYFW shows, we asked the former Miss USA to show us exactly what she had packed into her tiny pearlescent Edie Parker clutch (and the amount she managed to stash inside the backlit bag was seriously impressive). 

From her favorite L’Oreal mascara to bobby pins and everything in between, Culpo took us through the contents of her clutch, item by item—and she spilled some of her top tried-and-true beauty tricks along the way. Press play on the video above to find out which products she swears by, plus her tips for looking flawless on-the-go.


[MUSIC] Hey guys, I'm Olivia and I'm here with InStyle and we're gonna take a peak at what's inside my bag. [MUSIC] First of all I have a mascara from L'Oreal to touch up. This is voluminous feline, for a little feline flick that's what I'm wearing today. And it's good just because Mascara can run or you may need to reapply. Or actually as the day goes on and it gets darker outside I like to get a little heavier with the eye makeup anyway so I can just reapply and kind of go from day to night. I'm wearing Laura Mercier liner in nude. This is such a good liner if you're trying to do any sort of a nude lip or even just a gloss. But over it I have Mark Jacobs lip gel and I love this too because it is not quite creamy. It's more of a gloss but as you can see I'll open it up for you guys. It kind of retracts like a lipstick so it's convenient and you don't even have to look in the mirror. Wait I can [MUSIC] How convenient. Another touch of item that I think is essential for any girl is any sort of a pressed powder. So this is Mark Jacob's finish line perfection powder and I usually use it just for the T-zone. Under the eye, just to set any places that might get glossy through out the day. This is really helpful especially when it's really hot outside but it's really convenient to travel with it. It comes with a little sponge that you can use as well. The last thing is this Charlotte Tilbury mini miracle eye wand. I use it for the under-eyes and also just to touch up any blemishes or red spots that you might have, and this is amazing because It has two sides. One side is a lift under eye cream, so you can apply this first. And hen the other side is the concealer. So it's dual purpose and I'm a big fan of that. I also have some bobby pins in here. I have my ID in case somebody decides to try to arrest me or something. And I have my credit card. I'm telling you I kind of perfected the go to items that any girl needs in her bag at all times, and I think you can learn something from what is in this clutch. [MUSIC]
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