Office-to-Evening Hair


Go from desk to dinner with Ted Gibson's quick and simple tricks.


[MUSIC] Hi all you Gibson girls out there. I'm Ted Gibson. Welcome to my New York City salon on Fifth Avenue. I'm going to show you what it takes to go from office to evening. [MUSIC] The first thing you are going to think about is a smoothing fluid. You are going to put about a pea size in your hand just like that. You're gonna to emulsify it in your hands, and then you're gonna rub it through your hair to calm fly-aways, as well as to create brilliant, ultimate shine. Then, also, you want to come through and make sure that you work it through the ends because the ends on most peoples hair tends to be a little bit drier. Step two, grab your most fantastic brush and run it all the way through your hair, from scalp to end. Now the third step, we're really gonna choose our accessory. Let's try the trendy headband first. Put that on for me, will you. So, you want to make sure that you slip it all the way onto the head, and then you want to slip it, but you want to stay along in here, and then take your ears out for me. Gorgeous. Now we're going to try the elastic. I think that every girl has just a basic, black elastic, very easy to use. Take it here around the top of the forehead, then tie it in the back. This headband is gonna give you a completely different look than the trendy headband. I would think that this one is a little bit more classic. We all know the girls who wear these all the time are Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba. With the classic headband, we're gonna be just a little bit more to the back of the head. You can take your fingers and just bring all of this hair forward, jut like so. And you can see how beautiful that is. So, let's move on to the jewels. You're gonna do the same exact thing, and then you want to take it all the way back. What we're going to do is we're gonna take the hair, and you're going to twist it, and you're going to make a really beautiful simple bun. The lower it is, the more sophisticated. The higher it is, the more young. Then you're gonna take two or three bobby pins, and then you wanna anchor it from the bottom. Fantastic. Step four is securing it in place. So, this is the next generation of hair spray. So, what you're gonna do with the hair spray, you're just gonna lightly mist it. It has a really beautiful fragrance. It's not gonna be stiff and hold like that old hairspray that you used when you were a little girl, and there you are. Easy. This would remind me of Cameron Diaz. This would remind me of Kirsten Dunst. How gorgeous, and simple, and chic. Voila. Now you've gone from office to evening. Have a great time. You look gorgeous. [MUSIC]
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