Now We Know Peyton List's Secret Beauty Talent—and You Won't Believe What It Is 

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Ah, what a little game of never have I ever can reveal. 

We fancy ourselves experts when it comes to Peyton List. She is our Editor-at-Large, after all. You name it, we've definitely asked her about it. We know how she deals with zits. We know what she does to groom her brows. We even know how she does her makeup in tight airplane bathrooms. The girl is of many talents.

But today, she stopped by the InStyle and MIMI offices to play a little game of "Never Have I Ever," and well, let's just say we learned some things that we never expected about our Editor-at-Large. Of course, MIMI's version of "Never Have I Ever" involves questions that only revolve around beauty (we're obsessed, duh), so needless to say, things got really fun really quickly. 

So are you curious to find out what secret beauty talent Peyton has that she had never before shared? Turns out, she can add colorist to her resume. Watch the video above to find out more about haircuts of the past, how Peyton deals with acne, and if she's ever gone to bed with her makeup on. Hey, we're guilty! 


Hi Facebook, I'm Victoria [INAUDIBLE], I'm th editor of Mim. I am Roxana [INAUDIBLE], I'm the beauty editor of Mimi. And today we have [INAUDIBLE] with us who is also our Mimi beauty editor [INAUDIBLE], thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me Sweet thought. We're very... >So excited. So Roxanne, let's kick things off. Okay so today we are playing "Never have I ever" beauty edition. And for those of you novices, we're gonna explain this to you. There's a question, never have I ever, blank. And if you've done it... You don't just put your finger down. You take some nail polish, and you give yourself a little part of a mani. So, that's how we're gonna do things today. So, it's like a little game, but we get like a nice fresh manicure afterwards. I love this. So, two birds, one stone. So, let's do this first question. Without further ado, never have I ever cut my own hair. Okay. You have? Yeah, I have two. When? Well, I think I was just trying, what if I just cut my hair and I just did a little snip, so I don't know if mine counts. Maybe I gave myself a trim. [CROSSTALK] Have you done that? No. No, really? Which is weird, I know everyone usually- [CROSSTALK] A little kid. And regrets cutting their hair, like with little kids- Yeah. I never did that. Roxanne, what was yours? I cut my own hair when I was very little. It was not a great situation, as one could expect. And I have cut my mother's hair before. No. Yeah, while she didn't know. My god. I was about to ask, was she aware? [LAUGH] Signs of what I would become as an adult. What, was she sleeping, or... And in caller. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was asleep. Was she upset? Yes, she was upset. [LAUGH] Roxanne got grounded. I think she was three. Three. Yeah. My God, I thought this was recently. [LAUGH] Yeah, I was three when I did this. And then, my God, can you imagine? [LAUGH] I was like, what did she do to you? I'm not messing with you. And in college, I got frustrated once and cut my own bangs, which It can be done. I wouldn't advise it. [LAUGH] All right, let's move on to this next question. "Never have I ever regretted a haircut." So- I definitely have. Okay Peyton now you have to let us know first- Who's going first? [ LAUGHTER ] No, I just never did anything drastic to my hair. When I was younger I always wanted like a boy short cut. Okay. Which I'm glad I did not do now because I don't think I could pull that off but. I got a haircut that was just way to short once. And it wasn't my fault, I asked for a trim and she took off way too much. Have you always had long hair? Yeah. Yeah, I think that's what actually mine was too. I've always had really long hair and then I just got that I'm gonna cut my hair, I want a change, I want a change. And I did it, I liked it, it was so cute. She did a lovely job but, then five minutes later, cried the whole day. Cuz you miss your long hair. That's an adjustment. You can feel it. When you wash, you're like, where is everything? [LAUGH] Roxanne, yours? It kind of parlays off of the first question. In college, I cut bangs. Which looked great when my hairdresser cut them, but the maintenance part of it wasn't so easy so I regretted it and then regretted it even further when I decided to DIY my own side swept thing. That was a good moment for me style-wise. Bangs are always hard. Alright, so never have I ever picked at a zit. I mean I definitely have>>Everyday I pick at my skin it's so bad.>> [crosstalk]>>It's hard>> I mean we all know that we're not supposed to but sometimes it happens.>>Sometimes you just got to-- Which is bad because it spreads even more if you pick at your zits>>Hey and you actually just gave meme some really great advice with... You know? When a blemish comes on and I remember you saying that it's like don't touch it. Yes. I have been better about it lately. I used to pick at them all the time. If I saw them, I would just go to town. But now it's so much better if you don't because there's just so many things about them spreading. Yeah. And spreading the bacteria even more, or under-the-skin spreading, and then you just create a whole mess. And do you use a spot treatment though? I do, yeah. I really like Bliss. They have this thing called No 'Zit', Sherlock, which I think is kind of funny. The name is adorable. [CROSSTALK] But every time I put it on, if I just put it on overnight, it will get rid of the zits. It's pretty nice. I recommend it. This is a really nice color. Ooh. Yeah, your nails look great. Good choice. All right. So, I think me and Roxanne are tied for three. Tied for three, so->> Kaiten's trailing behind us. But there's still hope. Okay, so never have I ever dyed my own hair. No I have never-- None of us have dyed our own hair? Does Sun In count? Sun In counts Victoria. Ok then well I'll do it. I've definitely given myself highlights as a teenager. Did they look good? Yeah they looked pretty good. I was pretty proud of it. I wasn't that great with the distribution. So there was a little bit more blonde up top. But, I've dyed friends hair. Really? My gosh! You've dyed your friends hair? They trust you. [CROSSTALK] That is a big, wow. Yeah, that's a very, very trusting move. And so it's a no? Dye jobs, that's it? Yep. Yeah, no. That's, you know, okay. All right, well so if acting doesn't work out, you could always just dye your friends hair. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] There you go. I don't think they'd want me to do it again. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] The truth coming out! [CROSSTALK] It's like spotted. [LAUGH] So, up next, this one is terrifying. Never have I ever done my own waxing. So, I'm gonna have to put a finger down. Really? I haven't. I attempted once, and it was I put on the wax- As well. [LAUGH] I put on the wax strip on my chin and partially ripped it off, and then was like just kidding. Yeah, that's what I did- [LAUGH] I tried it and then I couldn't do it to myself, to rip it off quickly, and I was just being- So, you stopped- Timid about it. Before you- Yeah. You pulled it off? That takes a lot of willpower and control. Yeah. To be able to put yourself through that kind of You can do a good on you. Kudos to all you out there who DIY. You are stronger than I am. Next question. Never have I ever over plucked my brows. I have to put my finger down for that one too. I had a part missing off my brow once. Really from over plucking. Yes. So what do you do now? > > I will make sure I pluck farther away from the brow>> Okay, yeah.>> from the brow itself so I don't mess them up and then I just get them threaded. You have great brows. Thank you. Interesting. I just get them done. I just get them threaded. Before I did waxing, and actually it was making me breakout along my brow. It was taking off a layer of skin. I'm so sensitive, and it was so red there. They couldn't cover it up with makeup. So, I like threading better. So how do you do your brows though, on a daily basis? Cuz they look so good. Thank you! I use the Anastasia brow pencil- Mm-hm. Which is really nice. And then, I was just talking to someone back there and they said the MAC Brow pencils, really nice. So yah, just like make sure I fill them in every day. Yeah. Draw along the line. I love the pencil. Yeah. Victoria does love a pencil. It's like so good for like mimicking the little hair. Because me and Roxanne actually talk about, we both have chicken pox scars on our brows and.. Yes, I have a bald spot in my eyebrow. Yeah so that helps with the little area that hair doesn't grow. Yeah. So I'm gonna take a break for a reader question, Okay, really. Interviewer Have you every used conditioner instead of a shampoo? Just alone. Interviewee On accident. Yeah, I definitely have. Interviewer Would you ever do it on purpose? Like as a co-wash? Interviewee Not really. I feel like they should be separate. Interesting. I guess it varies by hair type. Yeah, do you use a certain shampoo or one you love? Well, my hair is already more dry than it is oily. Okay. So I feel like some days, if my hair's not super dirty, and I'm washing my hair's every day, then I'll just use a conditioner. On purpose. Yeah. And I don't use a shampoo every day. Yeah. Because it is so drying. On an entirely different note, another viewer Peter wants to know if you could be any super hero who would it be? OOh that's a good question, thank you Peter Who would you choose? Probably wonder woman she has a cool outfit. she's a superhero right? She has the lasso the invis, is it invisible? or is it gold? I don't know. I should know that because I want to be her. [LAUGH] What about you? I'm gonna go for the slightly unpopular decision and say that I would be Harley Quinn. So she's kind of a villain, but- She's cool though. She's cool. Would you do the hair? For sure. Yeah, you got to. I need to have pink and blue hair at some point in my life. [LAUGH] There you go. It's your opportunity. I feel like I would go for Jessica Alba's character in Fantastic Four, Invisible Woman. Well, there you go. That's a great one. Storm? Is her name Storm? Is it Storm? I thought it was Invisible Woman. I don't know. Maybe. I'm betraying my- [LAUGH] That's a good one. But, yet another viewer question. Can you give our lovely viewer Marcus a shoutout? Hey Marcus, how you doing? [LAUGH] Thanks for watching Marcus. Yeah. Hope you're enjoying our never have I ever beauty edition. Yeah. I hope you're painting your nails at home. Yeah. Paint your nails with us. That's so much fun. So we should move on to the next question. Never have I ever, slept with my make-up on. I mean, I defiantly have. It's sinful, but I have done it. Yeah, I have. Yeah. Recently. Not, yeah, not like on the reg, but it's happened. No, I try not to ever. I just feel like my day isn't fully over until I take my make-up off. Yeah I don't know about you guys, do you have any, like Cleansers or makeup removers that you swear by. They're you're go to, no fail, especially when you've been on set. Yeah, when you're tired. You know, if you really have a ton of makeup on, I don't know if you guys use these, but the Aveeno circular cleansing Interesting. Pads, I mean, they're really strong, but they will get everything off. And you can use it once, then rinse it, squeeze it, and then use it again, it just gets everything off. Really? Yeah, they're awesome. Think I need those. Stage makeup approved. Yeah, because they always put so much makeup on when you're under the lights and everything, so those work really well. I think makeup wipes are good too for those situations where you You are so tired and you have a lot on, but you don't want to go to bed with makeup on obviously. It's just a quick, at least you're getting it off. I like to keep some in my bedside table. Just, cuz there are those nights where you just can't. [LAUGH] It's good for eye makeup too. That's true. Just getting that underneath. Mm. All right, let's move on with this manicure. Never have I ever spent more than two hours getting ready. I'm gonna have to put my finger down for that one. I definitely have one. Did you spend more than two hours? Well, I will say, that any time that I've had a formal event, I've spent like, And a shameful amount of time [CROSSTALK]. But prom and high school, I definitely spent more than two hours getting ready. And sometimes it's just really nice to take a little time for yourself. I don't know. It's nice to be indulgent. [BLANK_AUDIO] And [UNKNOWN]. Treat yourself. How long does it take you to get ready for a red carpet? It takes me probably, I think it takes me two hours. Okay. Yeah, it takes me awhile, but I have to wash my hair, blow it out, put a face mask on, so I take awhile. But I'm just getting ready, like today, it takes me 35, 40 minutes which is not bad. That's like a normal amount of time to get ready, yeah. What about you guys? I would say I'm pretty quick. On a day to day basis I don't do my hair so it takes me maybe 30 minutes to get ready. So you just woke up like this. I did. I woke up like this. [LAUGH] So that is actually all the time we have Facebook. We didn't get to finish our manicure! What's this? [CROSSTALK] Yeah, I guess that's lost. [CROSSTALK] I lose. Well, thank you so much for joining us today, and thank you so much for tuning in, watching our beauty Never Have I Ever. See ya. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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