Watch Nicole Kidman Put Her Aussie Knowledge to the Test

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It’s been quite a few years since InStyle’s July cover star Nicole Kidman left Australia for Hollywood, so when Editor-in-Chief and fellow Australian native Laura Brown sat down with the star, she decided to put Kidman’s Aussie knowledge to the test.

How many stars are on the Australian flag? Who was Australia’s first female prime minister? And what the heck do you call a baby kangaroo? Watch the Lion star give her best shot at Aussie trivia, and even share a bit of wisdom from her home country in the process.

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“My mom would always say ‘Pull your head in,’” she dishes of her favorite Aussie saying. “It means shut up, get it together, or just be quiet.” Consider that your daily dose of world trivia, straight from Nicole Kidman herself.

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Two Aussie bums sitting on their bums. [LAUGH] Bum, not ****, bum. That's right. You're welcome. [MUSIC] Questions, how many stars are there on the in the Australian flag? You're bad. Six. [SOUND] I actually had to Google that. Okay. Who was Australia's first female Prime Minister? Julia Gillard. [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] That's when she had red hair. I like that. Hot gingers unite. Mm-hm. Gingers are the future. Multiple choice, a baby kangaroo is called A, a Joey, or B, a Chandler. The Joey. [LAUGH] What's the animal you like? I like a muse that's a bird though it's the obvious one of kangaroos but I love What's your favorite Aussie animal. You. [MUSIC] Thank you. It's a marsupial. What's an Aussie animal you fear. Probably a dingo. [CROSSTALK] Obvious reasons. There's a movie with Meryl Streep. You should watch it. The dingo took my baby. What. What am I. A koala. [SOUND] I knew. See you knew. You're a cuter koala than me cuz you've got a cuter nose. [LAUGH] Let's see. Gosh. What are your three favorite Australian Australian musical apps. thinking one of them, it's great time to sing the chorus. Yeah, Mr [UNKNOWN] [SOUND] She want to [UNKNOWN] His won two and three Of course, I have always loved In Access. It would be. I grew up with them when they were a pop band and I also loved Midnight Oil. Oils. Oils. I heard that they're touring. I'm going! Did you see, are you? You're not? Yeah. You're not, it's sold out! I'm not trying to- Of course- Well, I might be able to get you in if you play your cards right Okay. How much do you love Vegemite? I love Vegemite. Do you love it so much, that it's got your name on it? You can buy it with your name on it. In Australia, but you don't eat, a little bit of this in all of it not even [UNKNOWN] as much as a koala nose. No. Terrible. Okay, now It's butter. Butter? Butter and vegemite, right? Butter makes it better. Favorite Australian saying? My mom would always say, Pull your head in. You don't say that in America, do you? Pull your head in. No. It means like, Get it together. It means, Shut up. Yeah, get it together or just Be quite. Pull yourself together. Pull your head in Nick. Mine is I'm so bloody hungry I could eat the **** out of a low flying duck. God.
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