Nicole Kidman and Others Speak on Gender Inequality in Hollywood


Before the awards ceremony got underway Nicole Kidman spoke on the red carpet about some of the injustices that come with being a woman in Hollywood.


During this year's Women in Film Crystal & Lucy awards, some of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood gather to honor women in the entertainment industry. But before the award ceremony got underway, Nicole Kidman spoke on the red carpet about some of the injustices that come with being a woman in Hollywood. Obviously we need to create more opportunities. It's not an even playing field. We question our night sense of confidence. Kedlin's critique of the industry was echoed by other major Hollywood players in attendance. Women in Film is a vital organization. It's a place that says, Hollywood is for you, even though Hollywood What says to us, We're really not for you. I hope one day it won't need to exist anymore because it'll be an even playing field. Back in 2013, the New York Film Academy took on this very topic, gender inequality in Hollywood. The telling results were published in this infographic, which said, among other things, 30% of speaking characters in film are women. Only 10% of movies feature a balanced cast of men and women. And a third of female speaking characters are shown in revealing attire. Yet another study on women in entertainment found that in 2014, 93% of films had no female directors. But despite the troubling stats, one could argue 2015 has been a great year for women in film. Want to get through this? Go. Along with being one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, Mad Max Fury Road is also being hailed as one of the best female-driven action movies ever. You gonna cry? I'm not gonna cry. You're crying now! I'm not! In comedy, Melissa McCarty's Spy and Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect 2, are two more global releases this year that star women and have done very well at the box office. Kidman was presented with a Crystal Award during the Women in Film awards show. The Crystal Award is given to those who have helped expand the role of women within the entertainment industry.
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