New Shapes


It's about time! Clothes this season are designed to accentuate--and flatter!--feminine curves.


[MUSIC] The whole focus of the season is on the waist. The hourglass silhouette is back and I'm very happy to see it back. It's a celebration of your curves instead of a denial of them or a constriction of them. It actually is a very flattering silhouette for most people. The man like hips and they like shoulders and they like waist and they like breasts, a lot. And when you show the shape on these clothes, it's actually far more alluring that I think a lot of women are going to give themselves credit for. The clothes have shape built into them. Look on the interior, look on the inside and then you'll see that seams are curved around the hips. There will be an extra shape put in the shoulders to give it a width. Without you looking like a storm trooper. People see you at your thinnest part, including men. Even if this comes in only a little bit, not as much as you want it to, but it comes in, guess what, we're gonna see it. You will look a little bit smaller. And it's not necessarily about tailored jackets. There were a lot of full skirts. And as long as they're not stiffly pleated or in a really stiff fabric, they're great. You belt it at the waist. You've got the same curvy thing going on. And, they're easy to wear. Your hips will probably look smaller under a full skirt than they will in a pair of jeans. And, I think that's the mistake that sometimes women make. [MUSIC] They're coats with belts. The corseted waist was even popular for evening. That's a little more challenging then most women might want to go but it's a very forgiving season in terms of who can wear these clothes. [MUSIC]
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