New Girl’s Max Greenfield is Our Everyday Hero

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You may know this adorable man as Schmidt from TV series New Girl or Lee from The Mindy Project. As an Emmy, Critic’s Choice and Golden Globe nominee, Max Greenfield, and his loveable characters, have become some of the best parts of our nightly Netflix binges. Not only is he one of the most coveted actors in Hollywood, Max is a down-to-earth father of two kids who has spent his career giving back. Inspired by Kenneth Cole’s new fragrance, Mankind Hero, we chatted with Max about the power of reading to his kids, everyday heroism and why being a giver is how you truly receive the gifts of life well lived. #MANKINDHERO


[MUSIC] For me the definition of heroism is not so much about grand gestures. But about small things that people can do on an everyday basis that add up and have such a great impact. Could be has been my wife. She pushes me on a daily basis to do things that I never thought I was capable of. She certainly is a hero in the patience department. Pretty much every night I will read to my daughter. Books are a way to open a child's mind and imagination. So Milk and Bookies was a charity that I was connected to, through mutual friends, I was invited to one of their storytelling events, and was just kind of blown away by the organization and what they do. I love how simple it is. It's about bringing books to people who don't have them. They really empower you and your family. They allow you to take your children. And put them in a given process, by taking these books, which are all brand new, and inscribing them before they give it to someone else. Both myself and my family have had such a powerful experience being part of it. The biggest gift that you can give a child is the gift of independence and confidence, and And the spirit of giving back. [MUSIC]
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