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Trends for fall include a new wash of color.


[MUSIC] It's not happy berry colors but it is fall. There's a great intensity to the color. If you're going to see a, a red it's going to be a real ruby If you're gonna see a blue, it's gonna be a deep teal. The colors that you will see will stand out. It really is surprising. There's a lot of bright yellow. There wasn't a lot of the typical fall palette. It was much brighter and richer. If you have an extra verdict personality. Or you need to give yourself a lift. There's plenty of color out there. More than anything else there is tons of gray. You didn't know that there were that many shades of gray possible for fall. One of the reasons why gray is so important this season, is there's been such a commitment made. So artisanal work where you can see incredible embroideries. The way in which people have worked fabrics, the way that people have re-worked shapes, and gray is this great canvas on which designers show you their stuff. There are several things that make metallic fresher this season. Because it's really, metallic is really are never going to go out at this point. What you can do to fabrics to metallizize them, to vinylize them and give them this power. They weren't around four or five years ago. The shine is so intense, you really have to do it in a really simple shape unless you're doing it with accessories. If you're gonna do the metal accessories then it becomes a great compliment for any intense color. Any gray, any black, any white. I think most women make the mistake of thinking that metallics are only for evening. You can definitely wear metallic for day, underneath a suit or one piece. Metallics for evening, they're elegant and ladylike, they're not flashy. The sexiness just comes from the way the fabric flows over your body.
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