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It seems like the women in the music world always have the most amazing manis. One songstress who’s been, well, nailing it lately? Jennifer Lopez. From her studded flip-side manicure at the Golden Globes to her glittery tips at the American Music Awards, the singer and actress has us wanting to mix up our manis.

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In the latest addition of #AskKat, advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger asks J. Lo’s nail artist Tom Bachik to show us how we can all get Lopez’s sparkly tips from the AMAs—and it’s more practical than you might think. “We needed a look that was perfect for not only the red carpet, but for her performance,” says Bachik, “so this will translate perfectly for a daytime and nighttime look. This technique is also great for refreshing an existing manicure.”

While not hard, you will want to set aside some time to try the technique. Below, find everything you’ll need to get started, plus the step-by-step. For the full how-to, including some of Blachik’s best nail tips, watch the video above.

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What You’ll Need Nude polish (Kat and Bachik used L'Oreal's Mavuelous, $6; Red glitter polish (try Deborah Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle, $20; Clear topcoat (try OPI Quick Dry Topcoat, $8; Rose gold glitter (try MAC Shadow Pigment in Rose, $21; 2 old makeup brushes

Instructions 1. Apply a full coverage nude polish to your nails. Let dry completely.

2. Once dry, apply a thick clear topcoat to one nail. Take the tip of that finger and dip it into the glitter. While the topcoat is still wet, using an old makeup brush (look for one that’s a little long and soft) spread the glitter back into the polish, working toward the base of the nail.

3. Repeat step two until each nail is covered in glitter.

4. Take a towel and wipe off glitter from under your nails.

5. Using a red glitter nail polish, apply a thin, gilded line to the tip of nails. If you have longer nails, you can flip hands over and use the glitter to paint the under side of the nail as well.

6. Using an old makeup brush, remove any excess glitter from skin.

7. Apply a clear topcoat to of your nails and let dry completely.

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[MUSIC] Hi, guys. I'm Katherine Schwarzenegger. For this week's reader question I have enlisted the help from a dear friend and celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, who is responsible for everyone's nails from Jennifer Lopez to Jenifer Anniston. So this week's reader question is from Sam on Facebook. And she asks, what is a fun day-to-night nail look that I can learn how to do at home? Perfect. Let's talk about it. [LAUGH] That's easy, we've got this. So this look is inspired by the nails we did on JLo, the AMAs. We needed the look that was perfect for not only the red carpet but for her performance. As this will translate perfectly for a daytime and nighttime look. This technique's also great for refreshing an existing manicure by adding a little bit of glitz and glam. So we start first with a full coverage nude. My inspiration right now is kind of more of a 70s feel. So we're gonna take this kind of mauvy tone. I'm actually playing off of the color that you have on your lip, which I think is beautiful. And this color is called Mauvelous. So we'll start by dipping the nail into the glitter then using an old make-up brush to actually brush the glitter back on to the nail to get like a graduated ombre effect. And then we'll take a little bit of red and we'll just gild the tip of the nail. Now, if you have longer nails. For instance, for Jennifer she had super long nails because they had to be fierce for her performance. You can flip the nails over and actually polish the color underneath as well. Like a Louboutin. Like a Louboutin. We'll call it a flip side nail. And then you have red glitter not only gilding the tip but also on the opposite side. I love that. Very cool and chic. Very nice. I actually really love this color. Its so pretty. This is a great color, because it's a full coverage nude, but it's soft and earthy and it just, it gives you kind of that bohemian effect. Yeah. What type of colors do you like mostly? Do you like neutrals? Or do you like bold, bright colors? I actually only use nude colors when I'm doing my nails myself. Yeah. Which I only do in emergencies, because I'm so bad at painting my own nails. So I'm watching you very carefully because I'm hoping that I can get better at it. I was gonna ask you cuz you're shape is meticulous. My shape I do myself. But when it comes to actually painting my nails, I mean I get polish everywhere. So like if I do a dark color its, its a bad situation on my nails. How 'bout this? When I finish this nail let's have you polish Your other hand. Okay. So, he's forcing me to try this myself, which I'm not too happy about but I'm gonna do it anyway. Just for you. So we can get better at doing our nails at home. Your technique is good, young grasshopper. [LAUGH] Thank God. I'm actually not as bad as I thought. Not all and they look great. I think it's because when I was a kid with the coloring book. Yeah. I was super good coloring. Inside the lines. In the lines. So, this is mine and this is his. How's that? Can you tell the difference? I don't think so. I don't think so. Okay. So when I'm taking my brush out of the polish one of the things that I do is I wipe the brush away from me. This is going to fill one side of the brush with polish and not the other. So that way you have the right amount of polish for your nail. If its a larger nail I'll keep more polish on the brush. If its a smaller nail. I'll use less polish on the brush. So does that make it easier so you don't have the overflow on the sides of the nail? Right. Cuz sometimes when it's too thick- Yeah. When you put it and it touches the skin and it just floods all the way around the nail. Yeah. It- This will help prevent that. Not a cute look. So I'm gonna start about two thirds of the way back on the nail. Push the color towards the cuticle, and then out on the tip. And then I'll do that. On the, on one side of the nail. And then do that on the other side of the nail. Also you gotta remember as you're polishing, the polish is starting to dry. So the more times that you brush through the polish, the more chance you have of it starting to get thick and streaky. So the least amount of times that you brush it, the smoother the overall finish will be. That's what happens to me when I do my at home manicures. Yes. It looks so weird. Yours look like glass, there's like no stroke to be found. Thank you. So sometimes due to the thumb, you'll have to double dip, so we'll do one side. And we'll go back into our polish. So what we're gonna do next is we're actually gonna let both coats dry completely. Mm-hm. And then we'll start adding the glitter one nail at a time. So we want to add the glitter when the nails are dry or wet? Dry because we're gonna apply a top coat for the glitter to stick to. One nail and then we'll dip it, and then we'll brush it back. And we'll apply a top coat to the next nail, dip it, so one nail at a time. So we let them dry completely, add a topcoat, and then we're gonna dip the glitter. Correct. So for the next step, we're gonna use our topcoat on one finger at a time. We'll polish one finger. Then we're gonna take just the tip of our finger and dip it into the glitter. And while the topcoat's still wet, we're gonna use an old makeup brush. It's best to find one that's a little bit long and kind of soft. And we'll just spread the glitter back into the polish. Okay. Let's see how we do this. It sounds very intimidating to me. Let's do it. Let's do it. Kay so we'll start first by applying the top coat to the nail. And the glitter we're using is like a rose gold glitter. This is like a rose gold glitter. You can see it's got a little bit of a rosy, coppery tint. There's a little bit of red in there. It picks up the tones in the color. Mm-hm. As well as gives it a very fun and festive look. And is that the glitter that you use on J-Low's nails? Yes. That exact glitter. That exact. This glitter has touched the digits of J-Low. Of J-Low. Yes. [LAUGH] So we'll apply our top coat. And we're gonna put it on a little bit thick because we want it not to dry immediately. Now we'll take just the tip of your nail and dip it into the glitter itself. Okay. So how far? Just up almost to the finger. But not quite to the finger. Oh, so. Literally just the tip. Yeah. Go, go, go. There you go. Perfect. Okay. Now we're gonna take our makeup brush. We're gonna lightly tom lightly. So we're gonna put the top coat on, dip and then I'm gonna brush it back. Okay. And then we go to the next, the next, the next. And the best part about this look to is the more imperfect it is the more perfect it is. 'Cause you don't want every nail to be like the exact same... Mm-hm. you almost want it like. The the glitter's been splashed across the nail. That's what gives you that gradiated fade to it. Okay, so for this hand. So are you ready to try this on yourself? I know, this is gonna be really intimidating, but I'm gonna try it myself. Here we go. Okay, so I think I'll start with my pointer finger since that seems easiest. Perfect. And don't be afraid to put it on thick and quickly. Cuz this is mainly just to get the glitter to stick to the top. Dip it in. Grab your brush. And then just smear it back. Exactly. And you can pull it back as high as you want. I usually try to go a little bit past the halfway point. [CROSSTALK] So our next step normally what I'll do is I'll take the towel and I'll just fold it like this, and then just wipe off from underneath the nails. Once this dries too you can simply wash your hands and all the glitter from underneath will come off. So the next step is we wanna add a little bit of festiveness and a little bit of fierce by adding some red to the tip. So we're gonna use a bit of red glitter and just on the tip of the nail. We're gonna go through and just guild the tip. So super thin and small, and what this actually does, and it also brings out the red that's already in the glitter that we're using. Oh, that's cool. To give it more an effect. So now last step is- Beautiful. Last step is- Top coat? We'll clean up the glitter around, and then we'll finish it with top coat. Perfect. Another little tip is, to make sure that you have like a dedicated brush for you glitter because it will be there forever. Never coming off. Its never coming off. Okay. So we're on the final step, finally. And we're gonna do a top coat after we've cleaned up all the glitter off of my nails. And what this is gonna do, this is gonna seal and protect your design, plus give it that high gloss shine. You can also go in just right along the edge and actually kinda encapsulate the tip with your top coat as well, and that'll help smooth that, that little bit of roughness out. It helped the glitter last longer on your edges. Ta da. J-Lo inspired nails. Thank you so much Tom for helping us do this. I absolutely love it. I hope you guys try this at home. Its a lot easier than it looks. And make sure you tune in for a new episode next week of Ask Kat. [MUSIC]
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