Nelly Furtado


The Grammy winner shows off some sexy dance moves and reveals the inspiration behind her first Latin album.


[MUSIC] We're at InStyle shoot today in Los Angeles at a restaurant called Mama Juana's and I've got my two cute, male dancers with me, and a horn section, and we're just enjoying the night. And I had a really fun time. [MUSIC] This issue is on like inspirations. And this is like the inspiration of like Latin energy. I grew up in a Portuguese household. My parents were from Portugal. And I grew up speaking Portuguese, and I learned Spanish when I was 14. I recorded my new album ,Loose in Miami, and Miami is tons of salsa. We just want to capture that energy; I guess, the light heartedness of it and just the heat, and the fun. [MUSIC] I did some translations recently of some of my English songs in Spanish and re-releasing them. And new package with the five new songs and I had the ability to be really dramatic in the studio and just get to the heart of the song. [MUSIC] I wore really dramatic sort of black and sparkly, think [INAUDIBLE] dress, two piece. And then this one is DKNY, it's very pretty. My personal style is a combination of, kind of laid back funky, west coast. But then there's a side of me that's very European, very Portuguese, very sort of like classic and Hair down. I like to feel hot, I like to feel sexy when I dress and so. Now lately my style has been a little more, little more lady like I think. I'm just continuing on the journey discovering new ways to express myself. I'm very blessed and thankful. [MUSIC]
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