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natneagle nail haul


[MUSIC] Hi everybody. My name is Nat, and I'm Nat Neagel on Youtube, and I wanted to share with you an absolutely amazing, amazing hold that I have regarding nails. While I was just on my mission to get the most amazing nail polishes I could find for the best prices, I actually found some really good stuff. And I wanted to show you the things that I found. I focused on my face and then I thought to myself, okay, well now let me focus on my nails. I would do things like go get manicures and all this money on these nail products. And I never ever, ever would keep it up. And that is so annoying, and then I'd see all these annoying nail polish, I have a lot of nail polishes. I get my nail polishes usually on [SOUND] clearance. I will search high and low. For really good buys. I've discovered over the summer I don't have to pay a lot of money for all these expensive products. I can go to my drugstore. I can go to my beauty supply store, and I can find these products. Probably a on clearance, and b, way cheaper than having to actually pay for a manicure. For starters, let me show you what I actually got. I just go with my natural nails. And recently I thought, well, why not try to get the gorgeous acrylic nail-look, but do it. It you know, do it cheaper than having to get acrylic. So what I did was I took just a regular set of nails for instance I didn't use these, because these are really cool, but I have these nails right here from Broadway and you can get these at the drugstore and I would just take regular glue-on nails, and then I ended up painting them. So, this is actually a brand new product that I purchased this weekend. This is the most expensive nail polish I now own. This is the Chanel polish. I got this at Macy's. And I bought is because it is such a pretty purple color. It was literally calling out to me. It was saying Nat, buy me! Buy me! Yeah. So, I purchased this this weekend and it is an absolutely gorgeous color for fall, as you can see. Now this literally, all my nails because I do have on the glue-on nails, this was only one coat. Yeah. And then I actually covered it with a, a polish, a topcoat that I purchased, again, this weekend. I got the Kiss Acrylic Top Coat. And it gives it that shine. So, let me see if I can get it to light up. If you were to see me from far away, you would never guess that these nails cost me $3, because it's all about presentation, not how you get it there. Like I said, I'm trying to branch out. I want to, I want to have every part of me beautified, not just my eyes, not just my lips, or my eye brows, or my hair, whatever it is that I choose, I would like for everything to look well polished and put together. So I'm now at the nail phase. I found an amazing place where I live that likes to put OPI, and SD nail polishes on clearance. Now I'm not gonna complain about that at all, because both are very expensive brands. Now granted, they're not as expensive as Chanel, I paid $24 for this, but they are $8, $9 apiece. That can add up very quickly. So I went into the store and found a couple of these that I really liked. One of them, now they have like this one in particular, I couldn't get the sticker off of it. But that's a price I'm willing to pay, because I only paid $2.99 for this. This is Vinyl Bikini, and it is a very, very pretty clear color. I don't think I will wear this by itself, because it's not really going to show up maybe if I wanted to give my polish a pearlescent look, then I would put this on top of it but it was so pretty in the bottle for 2.99 I couldn't pass it up. Barbuda banana. And this is also an Essie color. I do not have many Essie nail polishes. I got most of when I own this weekend. But it's a really, really pretty light pale yellow color. That is perfect for the summer time, and you can easily, you know, wear it in the fall, and I did a swatch of it, it's that yellow right there. So this is a really pretty color that I will probably wear within the next couple of days, and then post on my blog, showing everybody what it looks like. The next color I bought, I bought it because it was very similar to a color I got. This right here, Nars Orgasim. I looked high and low for this stuff forever and it was sold out everywhere. But I found a really pretty color that's a little bit darker. Because this stuff is very, very shear. This nail polish, I love to wear. I love to wear it on my fingers. I especially love to wear it on my toes. But it's so shear, you have to use a lot of it. So I found this polish, right here. Which is called Unforgettable. And, I'm guessing it's trying to say it's like a basketball cuz it's orange. But, it has gold in it and you can see really, really pretty gold orangy gold look to it, and I think that this will make an amazing base coat to put on top of this. And even to be more by itself, and who knows may be it can get creative [LAUGH], attempt to and take this. And mix it with this and like, paint with this or something, I don't know. I'm not very good at that, like terrible at that actually. And then finally, the last nail polish that I saw was just an OPI polish and I did not get this one on sale. I had to pay full price but it was so pretty. It's called bubble bath. And none of these are new. I'm pretty sure these all came out you know, who knows when. They're not with any collection so to speak. But it's just a very, very pretty pale pink. That when I'm not wearing polish, my polish is chip a lot and I hate that. So when I'm not wearing acrylic nails, it really bug the heck out of me that the polish comes off, so if I have a light color that. Now I will say that because I put on the nails that are just glue on nails, the polish does not chip. So I'm pretty much sold on using the glue on nails instead of using going to the salon or just having it by my size. Like the nails that I'm wearing right here, these were actually long length. And what I did was I just cut them and because they were long, I like short nails. I cut them and then I sanded, I used the nail file, and I sanded them down and, or filed them down. I didn't have to worry about any of the top of the nail and taking off the paint because I had cut them. So, if you're in the store and you notice that there are a really ugly, ugly pair of like French manicure that you wouldn't be caught dead in, but you really want to have some pretty nails then buy them anyways. It's 2 bucks. Cut them. File them down to your length. If you have to cut your nail a little bit to do it hey. Your nails will be stronger because you will have that on top of it. I tried to do a couple of different things. I'm kind of nail literate, so with easy things. I did French manicures. At one point I took different polishes. And I based it off of a kit that I, again that I got. It was the Harajuku line. And each color of the nail was a French manicure, but it was a different color. And it was a bright color. So I did the same with the polishes that I had at home. And I tried to mimic that. After those nails kind of fell apart. It was a really fun, and it looks, you know, it looks really good on your hands, and it looks really good on your toes. I got lots of compliments. People constantly were telling me that it looked professional and that kinda stuff. I'm like [LAUGH] thank you. You know, both times when I had it myself, and then when I had the actual glue on nails, and I was like, yeah, well you wouldn't believe I bought them right over there in section, you know. Right there. [LAUGH]. Something else I'd really like to do this summer was wear metallic nail polishes. This nail polish right here is absolutely gorgeous. It is, a, its called metallic muse. One coat and you're good. So, I really, really like the metallics. I'm gonna go try and find some more of these. I know that there are like, the Sally Henson, or Hanson, HD colors that are similar to this. So, I'm gonna have to look out for some more of those in the future because I cannot believe how amazing these products are. Just a metallic finish in general. This summer I also played around with a lot of glitter because it's summer time, you know? I have an absolutely amazing glitter called Merry Midnight, and it is purple and has red and it has gold and it has. Every color you can imagine in there. This is perfect to put on top of just about any color you want. First I have the Alice in Wonderland this looks so phenomenal whether you're wearing it by itself or wearing it with another polish. I also have the Lulu heals, which is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, I think it's a deep red, with a red glitter reflex in it. And I like to wear this on top of red polishes. Obviously I'll wear this in the fall. I wear it in spring. I wear it in summer. I don't care. And then I have a light one that is sinful colors. This is called pink for ever, and its just really pretty whether you have a darker polish or a light polish. This is lot fun to use because it makes your nail sparkles. So I would use any of my glitter polishes on top of any of my color polishes. Doesn't matter what the color is. You can turn any of them into a French manicure using the glitters. You can also do the the nail designs where you have dark to light, or light to dark, however you want to do it. It's just a lot of fun, and I think that your nails are another way that you can reinvent yourself and you can be creative and you can express yourself. So, this is I just wanted to share with you a little piece of what I like in terms of nails. And I wanted to show you some of the amazing deals that I got. I really, really hope you like this, and I hope that you will come by my channel on YouTube, and see some of the things that I have to offer, in terms of beauty tips and tutorials and that kind of thing. Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day.

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