You'll Never Believe What This H&M Dress Is Made of

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Spoiler alert: It's plastic waste. Yes, this stunning blush pink plissé pleated H&M gown is made from plastic.

In its latest let's-make-the-world-a-better-place endeavor, the fast-fashion retailer has integrated Bionic, a recycled polyester derived from plastic shoreline waste, into its 2017 H&M Conscious Exclusive collection, which includes a full ready-to-wear women's line-up, relaxed formal wear for men, kid's clothing (for the first time), and a fragrance from organic oils. But the hero piece, clearly, is this ethereal gown (it's already been featured in an exhibit in Stockholm, Sweden, below), modeled by Natalia Vodianova.


"The fabric is so soft and fluid, and it feels so special to wear. It's a gorgeous dress, and it's incredible to think that it’s made from plastic bottles and other waste from shores," Vodianova tells us. "Sustainability in fashion is not just about the design and production of the clothes, it's also about our actions once we have bought them."

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In her personal life, the supermodel has already begun to live an eco-friendly lifestyle: conserving water whenever she can, buying organic food, buying fewer new garments, and reusing pieces for her children. "I've learned so much about sustainability from being in the Conscious Exclusive campaign, and I think it's important to always be ready to learn more about what we can all do," she says. "What I love about the project is H&M's commitment to sustainability. It's amazing that they use fabrics, like Bionic, and turn it into something beautiful."

The Conscious Exclusive collection will be available on and 160 stores worldwide starting April 20, and we can't wait. Keep scrolling to see more photos of H&M's Bionic dress.





Plastic pollution is a global issue with millions of tons annually ending up in waterways and oceans. For the ever evolving nature of fashion, a circular system could resolve this problem. Through recycling Ways it can be reborn as something beautiful. [MUSIC] Just imagine a world where a dress can have a positive impact on our planet. [MUSIC]
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