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Nat Neagle Haul


My name is Nat and I'm NatNagle on YouTube and I wanted to share with you an absolutely amazing, amazing haul that I have regarding nails. This is the most expensive nail polish I now own. This is the Chanel polish. I got this at Macy's. And I bought it because it is such a pretty purple color. It was literally calling out to me, it was saying, buy me, buy me. Yeah, so I purchased this this weekend and it is an absolutely gorgeous color for fall as you can. And I actually covered it with a, a polish, a top coat that I purchased again this weekend. I got the Kiss acrylic top coat and it gives it that shine. Found an amazing place where I live that likes to put OPI and SC nail polishes on clearance. Now I am not gonna complain about that. I went into the store and found a couple of these that I really liked. One of them, now they have like this one in particular I couldn't get the sticker off it, but that's a price I'm willing to pay because I only paid $2.99 for this. This is vinyl bikini. And it is a very, very pretty clear color. I don't think I will wear this by itself because it's not really gonna show up maybe if I wanted to give my polish a pearlescent look then I would put this on top of it but it was so pretty in the bottle. For $2.99 I couldn't pass it up. Barbuda banana. And this is also an Essie color. I do not have many Essie nail polishes. I got most of what I own [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]. This is a really pretty color that I will probably wear within the next couple of days. And then post on my blog showing everybody what it looks like. Nars Orgasm, I looked high and low for this stuff forever and it was sold out everywhere. But I found a really pretty color that's a little bit darker because this stuff is very, very sheer. This nail polish I love to wear, I love to wear it on my fingers, I especially love to wear it on my toes, but it's so sheer you have to use a lot of it. So I found this polish right here which is called Unforget-A-Ball. And I'm guessing it's trying to say it's like a basketball, cuz it's orange. But, it has gold. I think that this will make an amazing base coat to put on top of this. And even to be worn by itself. And who knows, maybe I can get creative [LAUGH] attempt to, and take this and mix it with this. Certainly, the last nail polish that I saw was just an OPI polish, and I did not get this one on sale. I had to pay full price. But it was so pretty. It's called Bubble Bath. Your nails are another way that you can reinvent yourself, and you can be creative. And you can express yourself, so, this is, I just wanted to share with you a little piece of what I like, in terms of nails. And i wanted to show you some of the amazing deals that I got. I really, really hope you like this and I hope that you will come by my channel on YouTube and see some of the things that I have to offer in terms of beauty tips and tutorials and that kind of thing. Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.

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