Watch: Naomi Campbell Breaks Down Working the Red Carpet Versus the Runway

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Nobody knows how to work a runway better than Naomi Campbell, and, in the same manner, the legendary model also knows a thing or two when it comes to heating up the red carpet. During her photo shoot with InStyle for the November issue, the 45-year-old stunner shared her advice for looking great on both scenes.

"You're more composed when you're working on the runway because you're working," she explained. It's important to keep in mind that theirs is a job to fulfill and Campbell goes on to add that the goal is "to show the collections for whatever designer you're working for."

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But Campbell completely switches things up for the red carpet. You won't see the supermodel hitting the same exact poses. "On the red carpet... It's more you; it's your personality. It's two different things completely." Once those cameras start flashing, it's all about expressing her individuality. Campbell added, "I don't really take it all that seriously. I just try to have fun." Press play at the top to hear more and be sure to nab a November issue of InStyle available on newsstands and for digital download now.


[MUSIC] You're more composed, when you're working on the runway. Because, you know, you're working. You're doing a show, you're showing the new collections of whatever designer you're working for. Where as working on the red carpet, it's you, who you are as a person. Even though you are, and could be still working for a designer. It's still, it's live, it's more you, it's your personality. That's how I look at it. It's two different things. I think most of the red carpet moments that I've loved, is when I've been with other girls of my generation, and we've gone down together. I don't really take it all that seriously. I just try to have fun. And the red carpet, really, is a fun thing to [MUSIC] So my personal style is hectic. I can't tell from one day to another what I'm going to wear. I could put a vintage dress from the 30's, I could wear something from present day. It really depends on my mood and what I feel like wearing and. Well, I pulled out the storage. [LAUGH] [SOUND]
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