Nail This Look: Midi Nail Ring by Alicia Torello

Nail This Look

Alicia Torello is the queen of graphic impact and also the careful perfectionist that stars like Anne Hathaway and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen trust with their nail-art needs (we loved the 3-D pearls she created for Hathaway for the Globes). Another favorite from this N.Y.C. pro? Her intricately detailed “lunar phases” mani—see her “My Work” board on Pinterest (and follow her on Instagram, @aliciatnails). Watch the above video to learn how to create Torello's midi nail ring manicure, and get the step-by-step instructions below!

Midi Nail Ring Difficulty Level: 2 (out of 4) Drying Time: 30 minutes

1. Paint a horizontal line across the center of the nail with nude polish (Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Nudité, $21;; brush up to the tip. Follow with a second coat. Let dry for 10 minutes.

2. Using a thin brush (Princeton's Umbria 6250R-3/0 Brush, $4;, outline the edge of the nude polish with a thin strip of deep navy (Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor, $9; Let dry another 10 minutes.

3. Affix a strip of metallic gold tape (try Fuschia Nail Art Striping Tape in Gold, $1; along the bottom edge of the navy. Snip off any hangover tape with cuticle nippers.

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The first step I did a clear base coat. And the second step is I took a nude polish and I started at the center of the nail and, applied it up towards the tip. And let that dry. For the third step, I took a striping brush and I used a navy color and you want to just draw straight lines across the middle where you. Starts at the nude. And then continue around into the tip. Next you wanna take your gold striping tape and you can add it just underneath the blue line that you added in the center of the nail. And it kinda cleans up that edge. Nip the sides of the striping tape. You can use cuticle nippers just to clean the edge. And then finish with the top coat. [music]
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