Welcome to #ManiMonday, a video series in which we show you how to create original nail art designs from a new pro every month.

December 12, 2016

As nail art devotees, we've always wondered if it might just be the nails—not the eyes—that are the windows to the soul. (After all, a fresh #ManiMonday is our favorite way to express ourselves.) Manicurist Miss Pop took a literal approach to our theory, creating a window-like design inspired by YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum ($92; sephora.com).

Get the look by applying a layer of clear base before topping with a coat of YSL's translucent pink "Rose Splash" nail polish ($28; yslbeautyus.com). Next, use a striper brush dipped in CND Creative Play nail polish in "Polish My Act" ($7; sallybeauty.com), a bright silver, to create borders along the top and sides of each nail. Repeat the process until the lines connect and create a squared-off inner border.

Then, use a fresh striper brush dipped in Orly's deep-black "Liquid Vinyl" polish ($9; orlybeauty.com) to line the bottom edge of the nail. Add thickness to create a flattened half-moon shape.

Lastly, brush on a bit of clear top coat to act as adhesive, and use an orange stick to affix a stud to the bottom center of each nail. Then, paint the rest of the nail with a final layer of top coat. It's window dressing made easy.

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