Nail Art Know How: Buttoned Up

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Welcome to #ManiMonday, a video series in which we show you how to create original nail art designs from a new pro every month.

We like to think of this week's look as a palate cleanser for our #ManiMonday wardrobe. Designed by manicurist Geraldine Holford, it's all about a basic black stripe—with just a hint of shimmer.

To start, paint a vertical stripe down the center of the nail using Formula X's jet-black "Dark Matter" polish ($15; Allow the layer to dry completely.

Next, dip the spherical end of a dotting tool into Chanel's shimmering "Liquid Mirror" nail polish ($28; Place two dots along the stripe—one at the top, and the other at the bottom.

Finish with top coat, and you've got yourself a buttoned-up manicure that's not the least bit stuffy.




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