This Endearing Coach Campaign Is Right in Time for Mother's Day

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Your first love, your first car, your first job are all unforgettable memories, but this Mother's Day Coach is celebrating the women who were there since the beginning.

Their My First Coach campaign recognizes those who gave us our foundation in life. The ones who held our hands as we took our first steps and taught us, by example, how to selflessly give.

In this warmhearted promo clip Mariel Hemingway joins her daughter, Langley Fox, as they share memories of their unbreakable bond. Mariel passed her love of nature to her daughter and encouraged her youngest to be strong. In the clip she says, "Empowering your child is such an important thing to do. I mean, I wanted her to know that she was seen."

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Langley also reminisces on the uplifting words from her childhood, "She definitely told me that I was somewhat magical in my own ways, and I still hold that with me."

She even remembers fighting over a Coach handbag with her sister, Dree Hemingway (she did finally manage to get it back from her older sister). But the best part of the clip is when Langley tells us, "My mom was my first coach."

Watch the video above and join the celebration by sharing a Mother's Day–themed photo using the hashtag #MyFirstCoach.

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I think there's something about nature that kind of grounds you. And she more than anyone i know has taken that. I think she wanted me to have within me is a strong love for nature. It influences how I go about my life and my art. She always wanted to be a mother. You know, empowering your child is, like, such an important thing to do. I really wanted her to know that she was seen. Of course my mom's brave. She told me that I was somewhat magical in my own ways, and I still hold that with me. My mom gave me a Coach bag. My sister and I fought over it. Dre probably took more of it, but now I have it. I still have it, so who's the winner? [LAUGH] To see her be so authentically herself, that's awesome. Being together, it's, it's always very familiar and loving. My mom was my first Coach.
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