Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Include Some Surprises


The top 10 baby names of 2014 have been released, and some new names have made the cut.


The top baby names for 2014 have been released. The usual suspects are on the list again with a few surprises peppered in. The annual report by the US Social Security Administration reveals the number one boy's name is Noah. Noah, and the top girl's name is Emma. Yeah, okay. This one has been up there for a long time. The Huffington Post suggests that the name Emma has become more popular because the name is shared by three popular stars. The other top names for girls are Olivia, Sophia and Isabella and for boys they are Liam, Mason and Jacob. And along with most popularity, fastest rising names were also released For boys it's, Bode, possibly inspired by alpine skier, Bode Miller, from the 2014 Winter Olympics. And for girls it's, Aranza, which is the name of a lead character in a Spanish soap opera, possibly boosting its popularity. An interesting new name in trend is, Charlotte. This is the first time this name has ever made the top 10. Looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jumped on the band wagon and just in time for their new baby girl's name.
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