These Are The Five Most Expensive Wedding Venues in the Country


Whether you're getting married in a church, a courthouse, or outside at a gorgeous natural locale, the location of your wedding will always mean something to you. For some people, simpler is better. For others, an over the top venue with all the fixings for a lavish ceremony and reception is the only option. Fortunately, from luxe resorts to historical buildings, there are plenty of stunning options around the U.S. for those with the right budget.

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Looking to rent out a famous landmark a la Carrie Bradshaw? The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of the largest museums in the country and has plenty of space for a reception. You'll have to put down a $30,000 donation on top of the already skyhigh cost to book it, and with the average wedding cost sitting around $26,000, you're definitely reaching for the stars here.

And that's not even the priciest pick. Watch the full video above for more on the five most expensive wedding venues in the country and if anything strikes your fancy, might we suggest starting to save now? 




Coinage life well spent presented by Geico. On average newly weds spend over twenty-six thousand dollars on their weddings. However for some couples their lavish extravaganzas triple the national median simply because of the venue. From barns to renting your own private seafood restaurant here are five of the most expensive venues in the United States. One of the largest museums in the country, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts cost around $100 thousand dollars for 100 guests. This price includes a site rental fee, a variety of foods, desserts, as well as reception chairs. $30,000 of the final price is a partial donation, which makes the donor a member of the Director's Circle. With a poolside patio and a rustic barn the Cedar Lakes Estate is nestled near the Catskills in upstate New York. During the venues peak season a Saturday wedding with 100 guests costs $113,000. The price includes an open bar, a three-course plated menu, an event coordinator and additional amenities sure to make your big day feel like a royal wedding. Hidden between the orange trees at Dana Point, California is the Monarch Beach Resort. The coastal hotel costs $120,000 for a Saturday wedding of 100 people during it's peak season. Not too far from the ocean, The total price includes food and drinks, plus the wedding coordinator, and security. Overlooking the ocean in Newport Coast, California, The Resort at Pelican Hill cost a 125,000 for 100 guests on Saturday during its peak season. With more than 500 acres, the total cost includes almost everything needed for a wedding, as well as a perfect area for memorable wedding photos. Between the busy alleys of New York's midtown Manhattan is a two decade old seafood restaurant. The Oceana Restaurant requires parties of over 60 people to rent out the entire venue. A Saturday night wedding with 100 guests at this location would cost an average of $128,000. The lobsters living at the restaurant will attend your party for free. Coinage. Life well spent, presented by Geico.
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