Should You Pay Your Mortgage or Buy These Spring Shoes?

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Warning: These shoes may be hazardous to your personal credit rating. But they'll definitely have you dancing in the sunny streets.

We love a good splurge, and we're often forced to choose between two things when we're about to drop a chunk of change. Maybe spending your mortgage money on a pair of shoes wouldn't go over so well with your financial advisor, but we're confident that the five super-luxe shoes, including a gorgeous pair of Givenchy booties and crystal Jimmy Choo sandals, will put a pep in your step no matter the price tag. Check them out in the video at top.


[SOUND] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by Geico. Great shoes really make an outfit and few pairs are more memorable than these high priced stunners. Here are five super-luxe styles that cost more than your mortgage. British high fashion house Jimmy Choo created these crystal-embelished satin sandals. If there were ever heels to make her cheat on her beloved Manolos, it would be these. Coming in colors rose, gold, and black, these leather lined heels will cost you almost $4500. Known for brilliantly avant garde designs, these Alexander McQueen heel booties are more than $3500. These floral embroidered pink shoes will bring a girly rock star edge to any outfit. A studded pair of Givenchy signature pant leg wedge will cost you almost $3,500. Wear them with skinny jeans and look like something from a Ziggy Stardust video. Jennifer Lopez paired up with Italian designer, Guiseppe Zanotti, to release her own line of shoes. These are basically the most J.Lo shoes to ever exist. This particular pair costing almost $3000 is an embellished lace-up suede bootie. Valentino's signature rock stud heels get a glam update with these $2,500 sling backs. Wear it to the office with black pants and a white button down or take them out on the town in your LBD If you were going to purchase all five of these pairs, you would spend a little over $17,000. The good news is that insoles to keep them comfy are only $5. Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by Geico.
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