Moschi-NO! Watch 50 Fashion Puns in 120 Seconds with Punderdome Champion Sam Corbin

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Sam Corbin, a Brooklyn-based performer and writer, just hit us with 50 fashion puns in 120 seconds, and we’re sew impressed!

In the video above, the multi-time champion of Punderdome 3000, a tournament-style pun competition, tells of a fictional ski trip where she runs into her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend — and things go downhill fast.

Corbin expertly weaves her way through the 120-second saga, slipping in 50 word plays on designer names, trends, and more. 

By the end, you’ll be surprised just how punny fashion can be. 

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For more from Corbin, check out her classical music-themed video for Filmelodic.


Hi, I'm Sam Corbin, Punderdome champion, and I'm going to be doing fifty fashion puns in a hundred and twenty seconds. So I went skiing with my friend Gigi last week after graduating college. I was such a pro in the school year I got all A's not a single D or anything so I wanted to treat myself. So, after spending all our money we hit the slopes I only got tickets for the easy hill since generally the hard one's are a problem for me, so what could possibly go wrong? Just wait. I put some lip balm on and started off. I got down the first run way faster than Gi Gi making sure Vera Wang from the side even though it was sunny and I couldn't Narciso so well. I knew it wasn't a competition but I love to race if I think I can win. So I was pretty proud of myself and I thought Derek Lam I go again? But I was also getting really hot and I couldn't decide whether to keep my ski jacket on. But they've got another layer, I decided to Louis Vuitton. Big mistake, cuz man, all those solemns make me nauseous. I told Gigi to hurry up, so we could take a break in the ski village. I pointed out a bar and said that public school. So, I went inside and I ran into Gigi's friend Rachel. We all started talking and I found out that Rachel was dating Mark, the guy just broken up with Amey. She said, they only met in June but I could see her sucker breath and like she was caught in a lie Gigi looked surprised but I had a hunch even she knew about this. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah what an obvious lie I said. I have a better theory he was cheating on me with you. For the record Mark is a complete tool. What kind of a line did he even use on you? Gigi tried to mediate. I don't mean to but in but does anyone want to ski some more? Moschino no, Versace bad friend Gigi you're basically defending her. You know what? Don't ever play the friend card again with me. And Rachel royally screwing up a long term relationship isn't a good look but go ahead. U [UNKNOWN] Donna Karan, you can do whatever you want with Mark. You're a cheater, princess. And I'm glad you found your cheetah prints. And I ran. Gigi came running after me, you better not follow me or else I'll [UNKNOWN] and throw myself off of it. And then he just broke down crying, because of course it would happen to me. Just like how J cruined my life and Jason wooed other girls, now Mark breaks my heart. Gigi Hadid everything for these guys. Why do I throw myself at the wrong ones? Is this about Rachel, Gigi said? Because this is her mess to clean up, not yours. I mean, could she be any more desperate? Rachel's only with Mark because they deserve each other You're a better and a sweeter person than both of them. Plus Marc Jacobs, you're a lion, you're a goddess, forget about men and get back out there. Are you ready to wear your ski jacket again? And I did, and it was a great day. There's no moral to this story. Story here, but when it comes to men, swearing off of them might just be the way to go. If he's no good, drop him. Save your dignity and go out in style. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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