Morgan Spurlock plays a quick game of ‘This or That’


Find out if Morgan prefers 16mm or digital video, Harry or Liam, Scorsese in the ‘70s or Scorsese in the ‘80s, Manhattan or Brooklyn, and more.


You are watching EW Light Bulb, presented by Glade. If you don't mind one thing we, we do as part of the series is a, a, a quick series of this or that questions. Okay. Okay. And you can just, you know, I wouldn't think about it too much just respond. Sure. As quickly as possible. Is that all right? Great. Let's do this. Okay. All right. Michael Moore or Errol Morris. Ooh. Michael Moore. Harry or Liam? See I'm not. Zane. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Tom Selleck's moustache or the Monopoly man's moustache? Ooh. Tom Selleck's moustache. Scorsese in the 70s or Scorsese in the 80s? Oh, Scorsese in the 70s. Talking animals or talking babies? Talking animals. Werner Herzog's movies or Werner Herzog's voice? Werner Herzog's voice. Bob Dylan or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan? [LAUGH] Bob Dylan. John Cusack or Joan Cusack? John Cusack. 16 millimeter or digital video? 16 millimeter. Manhattan or Brooklyn? Brooklyn. East Coast or West Coast? East Coast. Manicures or pedicures? Pedicures. Fu Manchu or Van ****? Fu Manchu. Irish accents or Scottish accents? Scottish accents. Ken Burns or Mr. Burns? Ken Burns. Indiana Jones or Han Solo? Han Solo. Red or blue? Blue. Filter or no filter? No filter. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Podcast or radio? Podcast. Ice cream sundaes or rappers with ice in their name? [LAUGH] Ice cream sundaes. The last one here, bro, dude or man? Man. Gotta be man, each time? Yep. [LAUGH] Thank you very much, Morgan. Thanks, Phil. Pleasure to have you here. [LAUGH] Watch the full episode of EW Lightbulb, presented by Glade.
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