Model Petra Nemcova Shares her Beauty Secrets


The Czech model and our In Style team of hair and makeup artists share their secrets for looking fresh and radiant—even in the Miami heat.


[BLANK_AUDIO] It's Miami. [MUSIC] Today, for InStyle shoot, we did a couple of photographs. We did photos getting ready, choosing a dress. And one at the party. When I'm in Miami, the hair regime is different than frankly being in New York because there is more humidity. You have to kinda put product into it, but not too much. Throw your hair upside down, you tossle it. Until pretty much it's mostly damp. After you put the curls in you have to really spray it down because they go flat in the, in no time. It's a very casual, full, loose, tousled hair style. So it doesn't look too contrived. And it just has some nice movement to it. And it's just an easy, fun hair style. The makeup is basically just like, clean and beautiful and glowing I start with a primer. It's a primer that's really good, especially for Miami weather because it avoids over-shine. For her, she has a beautiful skin, so she doesn't really ne, need to cover that much. I just use different kind of foundations to create new kind of light from the skin. Like, the, the Parts of the face that I like to bring up and the ones that I want to bring down, I use a cream based eye shadow from Estee Lauder. It has a little bit of a goldish tone. After that I apply the Bare Mineral eye shadow. It's really light, it's pretty much just like sheer tone. Mascara, a little bit of fake eyelashes, just on the tip of the eyes, blush, lip gloss and that's it. In Miami or in any other country where it's humid air, my skin gets more fresher and moist, every time when I arrive at the airport my skin goes like and the sun and everything so it's it's a good, good climate for my skin. [MUSIC] Busy day. And very, very nice day with nice people. [MUSIC]
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