Mischa Barton's Photo Shoot

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The actress shares her style sensibilities--she's a scrounger!--and the red carpet gown she's loved most.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Mischa Barton and you're here on my InStyle beauty shoot. I've had lots of beauty advice over the years. I don't know, I mean I was never very good at having regime with my skin. So finding really good products. I love [INAUDIBLE] lotion. That works really well for me. Like La Mer face wash and the Yves Saint Laurent foaming face wash as well, and I use a toner, usually the Kiehl's rose water one. I definitely feel different as a brunette. And I mean, that's my natural color is kind of like a light brown, dark, dark blonde, so I feel comfortable as a brunette. It just seems like a very natural color for me. It makes my skin look a lot paler. [MUSIC] And makes me look a lot more English, I think. But I also enjoy being a blonde. I've been a blonde for a long, long time so. I think it makes me look healthier and I always look more tan when I'm blonde and that's nice. And then I've never really actually had red hair but I've had a like an auburny colored hair which I like. I don't think I could pull of real red hair. Well my style is Pretty eclectic. I kind of just find stuff everywhere. Whenever I'm traveling I, scrounge around for cool vintage stores. And you know, I even found another thrift shop here the other day which had like two dollar shirts in it. And I found some cool stuff so, I'm really just a scrounger when it comes to clothing. And that's pretty much how I find it. Out of all the red carpet events that I've been to there was this one that I though was really stunning. The dress was a picture of [INAUDIBLE] Gown and it was a long and kind of like a silvery-gray blue to the floor and shiny with like a, this frothy light, that [INAUDIBLE] way down the back, and I thought it was really gorgeous. [MUSIC]
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