Mingle with Stars at a Private In Style Party

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You're invited! Hang with the celebrities at this chic bash.


[MUSIC] I'm Zachary Quinto for Heroes and I'm here at In Style magazine in New York City for a meet and greet which is when people like me come and talk to people like them, and hang out for a little bit. Heroes' most famous villain stopped by to talk to us about his latest feat. A starring role in the film Star Trek. I mean it's just really remarkable in terms of this being sort of the biggest project that I worked on today. These people who are Star Trek fans, a lot of people are enormously protective of this world that has meant so much to them over the past 40 years. Everyone wants to see the brow. [LAUGH]. I mean, I don't I, I rarely leave my house now without glasses and a hat on it's true. Until April I'm sure I'm probably going to be like. But you know I, I, I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I'm in a huge multi-million dollar movie. The same MO's for it. There are certain people that sort to have a, a visual connection to my eyebrows and my eyebrow are a big part of the character that I played already and they're be part of the character that I'm playing, they'll be part of me, they'll be part of my face. I'm wearing a converse all stars, I try to mix and match stuff that I have and stuff that I get. John Barbados on the bottom half and this is Ted Baker and this is H&M. I do know how to mix [UNKNOWN] of it. It is an important skill. It was really fun and thank-you for having me and I'll be back next time I'm in town. Have a good day. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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