Mindy Kaling Brings Humor (of Course) to Her InStyle Photo Shoot

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If there is one definite thing Mindy Kaling has in common with her on-screen persona Mindy Lahiri from the Fox sitcom The Mindy Project, it's their shared sartorial taste in standout pieces that boast tailored silhouettes, loud prints, and cheery hues. So when it came time to conceptualize a fashion editorial spread celebrating all things Mindy Kaling, it felt very apropos to translate her colorful aesthetic to the pages of InStyle’s October issue.

Styled by Kate Sebbah, the 35-year-old comedienne was delightfully outfitted in lush fall-ready shades (think: colorblocks of fiery red and amethyst) and playful geometric prints. Not readily seen in photos though: her famous facetious wit and comedic timing that she brought to the shoot. Luckily, we got it all on film. "My favorite piece was the Fausto Puglisi black, white red jacket (pictured, below) that was oversized with big pockets," Kaling says in the video. "You could disappear in it ... or you could shoplift with it because you can hide a lot underneath."

Watch the two-minute behind-the-scenes clip above to find out her most recent splurge, her new and improved beauty regimen, the pair of shoes she wears the most often, and more. To get up close and personal with Mindy Kaling's fashion feature, flip to page 390 of the October issue, now available on newsstands and for digital download.


[MUSIC] The shoot was amazing today. I got wear eight or nine of my favorite outfits ever. Kate [UNKNOWN] did an incredible job and my favorite piece was a [UNKNOWN]. Black, white, and red jacket that was kinda overset with big pockets. So you could kind of like disappear in it or you could like shoplift with it because you could hide a lot underneath it. The pair of shoes that I wear the most often are a pair of moccasins. I think they're like Steve Martin. I just wear them everyday at work. For Father's Day, I bought my father a Rolex. So that's probably the biggest fashion splurge recently that I loved and I love whenever I see him wearing it. [MUSIC] My routine for washing my face has improved a great deal over the past 10 years. I used to just go to sleep with all my makeup on and then wake up in the middle of the night and just go to the bathroom and splash hot water on my face. I don't do that anymore cuz I'm 35 now. Now I. I wash my face, use the wash cloth. Take all the makeup of, and then do like a five step serum, toner, like, age reversing beautifier stuff. And then I go to sleep with this really greasy face. I would not board a plane without. My laptop, because I like to write on planes, like the only uninterrupted time where I can't really procrastinate or do anything but write. Arnica, which makes it so my feet don't swell into like giant bread loaves when I get off the plane. And lastly, like some kind of a trashy tabloid magazine. What I wish was in my bag, was like a notepad for writing poetry. Jewelery, my wallet, and my phone, which is like clean as face grease. But really just like a bunch of unopened, or like open tampons and like old chocolate bars and like, like weirdo vitamins that I don't actually use. [MUSIC]
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