Milkshake Monday: Chatting with Dead Rising: Watchtower's Jesse Metcalfe


Apart from my family, there are only two things I'm passionate about: milkshakes and soap operas. When done well, both are slightly frothy, deeply satisfying, and a little bit guilt-inducing in the best way possible. So when the chance arose to chat to Jesse Metcalfe, the handsome actor perhaps best known as John Rowland on Desperate Housewives, about his newest project, a horror flick called Dead Rising: Watchtower (available for free on Crackle), I invited him to one of my favorite spots, The Empire Diner, for early morning black-and-whites. Metcalfe has been busy since his Wisteria Lane days. He starred in John Tucker Must Die, the Dallas reboot and guest-starred on 2 Broke Girls. But he hasn't let work get in the way of his love for milkshakes, either.

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[MUSIC] Well as you know this is. A piece of art about milkshakes. Cool, I love milkshakes, so yeah, [UNKNOWN] Yeah, so, so tell me about, tell me about the milkshakes in your life. Well, I like a well crafted milkshake. You know, there's some great milkshakes spots in L.A., but I'd say New York probably has the far superior milkshake. We should probably order a milkshake. Let's do that. I think there's vanilla. Black and white. Alright. Blue or black and white, yes? Yeah. Alright. Two shots of black and white. That's right. Thank you. There is a lot of plot going on in your life on television. Right? A lot of like daytime drama. Yeah. You know what? I think Desperate Housewives was obviously, you know, my big break. Yeah. You know, the, the breakout for me. And I think Desperate Housewives coupled with, John Tucker Must Die, which I did for 20th Century Fox, pretty much cemented me in this as heartthrob arena. Yeah. You know, if you will. And, When you, and like other heartthrobs get together, do you just kinda like, "hey man". You know what, man? Heartthrobs really don't like to hang out with each other. They really don't like the competition. Heartthrobs are like lone wolves. [LAUGH] Just kidding. I get it, I get it. This is a black and white, no? So, you're like a vanilla milkshake guy. Couldn't get more vanilla. I'm, I'm a vanilla milkshake guy, I won't lie. Yeah. Cheers. Cheers. [MUSIC] One to ten? I'd say it's a strong eight five to a nine. I would say eight, I would say eight. Oh, really? You're shrewd. Let's talk about zombies. It's an important part of your life. Let's do that, let's do that. The zombie survival. Right. Tell me about, tell me about your new project. Well I, I did a movie based on a really popular video game. A Capcom video game called Dead Rising. Okay. There's four installments of this video game. It's sold almost ten million copies. You know, but I mean as far as the zombie genre is concerned, I have always kind of wondered why people. We're so enamored with it, you know? We're so interested in it. And so I, you know, I kinda, I kinda did a, a bit of research. And I, I really kind of figured out that zombies and the zombie apocalypse are kind of like a metaphor for, you know, humanity, and our social issues, and stuff. And they're very much, you know, they eh, whatever monster we're afraid of is very much tied to what we're afraid of at that moment in life. Oh hey, Jeff. Yeah, man. Thank you so much for this. Thank you. This was fun. It was. I enjoy milk shakes. I enjoy your career so it's been a good a good breakfast. Awesome, man. I appreciate it. Okay. Who's paying for these milk shakes? [LAUGH] Wait, wait. I thought you had it, right? [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]
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