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Actress George takes you through the day's prettiest looks.


[MUSIC] Rising star Melissa George really shined this year. This Aussie stole the spotlight on the big screen and landed a top role on HBO's newest show, In Treatment. You know that men are the new women? Obsessed with weddings and children. InStyle captured the sparkle at a photo shoot for spring's hottest trends. [MUSIC] Where Melissa told us all about the clothes she loves. It's lovely [UNKNOWN] I get to wear a lot of nice clothes. This, this is my favorite work that we've done today. This silhouette is, is very like toga style and it's been around since, I don't know how many hundred of years. But it still works. If Vera Wang has done this dress, it would be such gorgeous metallic linen and you have a choice of doing. On this shoulder or you can just swap it and do this shoulder. It's just absolutely beautiful. It's comfortable if you eat too much you can cover your stomach. [LAUGH] What I really love about this outfit is the beads by Oscar De La Renta. The fact that they're the same stone but cut in different shapes and just layered a very ethnic sort of Look. But also very modern. Gorgeous sort of fabric done like an ethnic fabric but made into a sort of 1950's shape. This is Jossanda and it's interesting cuz it's all, it's 3 parts. The pants, it's like little sort of sleeveless jacket vest thing. But it's nice to wear. It's got over the top this tule thing so then I would imagine you would wear. Without this to work. And then you just have this in your handbag and throw off the top when you go out for dinner. I'm more of a cream, white, beige, black, a bit conservative in my colors. But sometimes I pull out like a burgundy caftan and wear it in summer. I think a woman should always be in a skirt and a dress. I love the 40s and 50s. Where the women always dressed impeccably well. When I change my hair color, my style changes dramatically. I've had very, very long hair for In Treatment, the HBO show. For that it worked for the character. I sort of wanted to be more exotic. I wanted to wear darker colors. Your makeup has to change with this long, sort of dark hair. But when I'm blonde, I feel more fresh. I feel more like me. And I want to wear more summery clothes. [MUSIC]
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